Before we had kids, hubby and I used to do a stocking for each other. I thought I would share some adult stocking filler ideas today. Now we have kids, we put out stockings for them on Christmas Eve, too. We fill theirs with sweets, small toys and even some fruit – just to be traditional.

My friend said her parents always did her a stocking when she lived at home – even as an adult! She said there was always something to eat, something to wear, something to play with and something to relax with inside. I thought that was a brilliant idea and decided to collate a few suggestions within this post.

Adult Stocking Filler Ideas…


When I was growing up, there was always a piece of fruit in my Christmas stocking. My parents said they always got this in theirs when they were kids. I carried this tradition on, and always used to put a satsuma in Hubby’s stocking. Now he’s diabetic, he gets away with no fruit.

adult stocking dinner ideas

Some Christmas themed chocolate is also a fab item to pop into an adult’s stocking – who doesn’t love a bit of Chocolate on Christmas morning? If the recipient is likely to need a dose of hair of the dog on Christmas morning, you could always pop in a miniature bottle of their favourite tipple – Just Miniatures have a brilliant range!


When considering  adult stocking filler ideas, have a think about the recipient’s sense of style – would they appreciate a personalised handkerchief or a new tie, perhaps? (You can get 12 handkerchiefs for under £7 on Amazon. It’ll only take a few minutes to sew their initials onto one of the corners). Christmas Socks are also a fab, fun item to include in an adult’s stocking. Is it even Christmas if you don’t get new socks?


Does the recipient like nice smelling things? Some small scented candles are a great idea, if they do. You could always pop in a bar of soap, a small bottle of festive shower gel or a bath bomb as well. The Body Shop have an amazing collection of these online and in store!

adult stocking dinner ideas


Have you seen those miniature wooden puzzles, or rubiks cube style ones? Those fit perfectly inside Christmas Stockings! If you’re looking for adult stocking filler ideas  for the family joker, what about things like a whoopee cushion or a couple of cheap magic trick kits? You can usually find these in the local pound shop or bargain store.

How To Present Your Christmas Stockings

We have a modern fireplace, and can’t hammer nails into it like they did in Dickensian times. We stick self adhesive hooks to the top of the fireplace and cover them with our Christmas garland. On Christmas Eve, the hooks are there ready to hang our stockings from. Easy peasy!

We never wrapped gifts which were going into the Christmas stocking. BUT if there is loads of space left and the stocking looks a little sorry for itself, you can always bulk it up with coloured tissue paper between each gift.

I hope these adult stocking filler ideas have been useful. Do let me know in the comments if you have any other suggestions.

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