This year, I am hosting a series of guest posts from bloggers sharing their Christmas traditions. First up is Cat from Oh Hi DIY. Her blog is a craft, lifestyle and parenting blog – It’s well worth a gander! Without further ado… here is Cat’s guest post….

Cat’s Christmas Traditions

I’d always loved Christmas, I think everything looks better with twinkly lights and decorations, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear sparkles and eating until you feel sick is pretty much expected! What’s not to love? But it would be easy for me to hate Christmas now. Two years ago on the 22nd December at 21 weeks pregnant we found out that our baby boy wasn’t going to survive. Our beautiful Adam was born sleeping a few days later on the 27th December.

Christmas 2016

For many people, this might have made any subsequent Christmas unbearable. I’m very lucky that my husband and I both share a similar outlook and agree that despite the bad timing, what happened had nothing to do with Christmas and could have happened at any time of the year. In fact, Christmas helped distract us a little from a horrible situation. It’s amazing how even in the most upsetting times you can have treasured memories.

My husband and I spent the day after the first heartbreaking scan where we were told the bad news baking Christmas hampers for our family. I’d planned to do this anyway and hadn’t bought presents for anyone. We were both so lost that we just started doing it and even though the day was filled with tears, it means the world to me to look back on how we dealt with things together. It also turns out that baking six different types of treat in one day is pretty intense so hampers were a one time thing and quickly ruled out as a Christmas tradition!

Christmas Traditions
Cat and her dog in matching Christmas Jumpers!

Instead, one of our Christmas traditions will always be to book the 27th December off work and do something in Adam’s memory. Last year we went for a walk on the beach and wrote his name in the sand. This year, we’ll have our rainbow baby, Theo, with us and we’re going to go for a walk in the countryside with him and the dog. We haven’t decided yet if or how we’ll tell Theo about his big brother but we’ll definitely make sure that the 27th is always a special family day.

This Christmas:

We don’t want Christmas to be ruined by bad memories, especially now we have Theo. Whilst I’ve just described quite a serious tradition, we have some fun ones too!

1. My mum has always bought me Christmas pyjamas that she gives me on Christmas Eve. This hasn’t stopped to this day. Nothing beats a new pair of pyjamas for Christmas! I started to do this for my husband too and this year I have my own baby to buy Christmas PJs for which I’m really looking forward to!

Christmas Traditions

2. Twinning is great and Christmas twinning is even better! I’ve always insisted that me, hubby and the dog wear matching Christmas jumpers. We decorate the Christmas tree and watch A Muppet Christmas Carol in them. (Pictured further up the page). My husband HATES wearing a Christmas jumper but I make him do it anyway and this year the baby will have one too!

3. Our final fun tradition is having a meal made up entirely of Christmas party buffet food followed by a cheese board and washed down with wine! (We will not be involving the baby on this one!) We treat it like a date night when and usually play board games and watch a film. I really look forward to it all year!

Even through my darkest times, the magic of Christmas shone through like a beacon and I feel incredibly lucky. Whilst traditions can range from the sentimental to the silly, the meaning behind them is all that matters to make them really special.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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A Word From MotherGeek:

Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas traditions, Cat! I am so happy you guys have got your Rainbow baby Theo now! I am looking forward to following your first family Christmas!

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(This is not a paid post -I’m  just hoping to spread a little Christmas cheer).

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