This year, I am hosting a series of guest posts from bloggers sharing their Christmas traditions. Today’s guest post is written by Malea from SimplyMtastic.  Her lifestyle blog is well worth a look! Malea is American, so I was really interested to see how Christmas Traditions differ across the pond. Without further ado… here is Malea’s take on Christmas Traditions….

Malea’s Christmas Traditions…

I can’t deny it, Christmas holds a special place in my heart. In the middle of June you can find me humming, “All I Want for Christmas Is You”.

(Who doesn’t love Mariah Carey?)

My family has many different traditions, but my favorite started about six Christmas’ ago. One day my mom came home with a bunch of adorable Christmas items, because she loves redecorating for different holidays. Among all the items there was a little advent calendar. Younger me was excited at the time, because whenever I saw them in stores, they seemed to contain candy.

Christmas Traditions

Not ours…

To my disappointment it was a bunch of little books. It definitely puts a dent in a kid’s day when candy isn’t involved, but I reluctantly went along with reading the books. There were 25 books for 25 days, and my brother and I switched off reading every other day. Now I have to admit, the first year was no fun. Reading meant that I lost valuable freedom before my bed time. But I soon warmed up to the idea of reading the story of Jesus’ birth from our little advent calendar books. Even though the story never changes it’s so impactful on my life.

Opening Gifts…

My second favorite tradition is definitely where we open gifts from youngest to oldest. I’m usually third because my dog and my brother go first. The reason I love this so much, is that everyone takes their turn opening gifts. I get to see people open my well thought out gifts, and view their expressions. It makes me happy when I am able to find a gift someone will love. Of course I love receiving gifts, but I love giving gifts more than anything in the world.

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is my all time favorite Holiday and my family traditions have helped shape Christmas in to a holiday I look forward to every year.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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A Word From MotherGeek…

I love that you guys have Book Advent too! My husband and I do this for our own children, but not just with Nativity based books.  (We wrap up 24 different Christmas themed books each year. Each night, we open one, which we read together after bath time).

In our house, we take it in turns opening one gift each so we get to see everyone’s reactions. When I was a kid, all 4 of us would literally dive into our presents and it was a crazy 15 minute opening session. Nobody saw each other’s reactions and half of the time, us kids forgot who got us what. Turn taking is definitely the way to go!

Thank you for sharing your Christmas Traditions, Malea!

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