April is National Stress Awareness Month, so I have teamed up with Zenflore to share 3 tips for managing stress. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll already be aware of how stressful my day to day life can be.

National stress awareness month with Zenflore – My 3 tips for managing stress

When Zenflore got in touch asking me to share s3 tips for managing stress, I was keen to accept. For me, the most important thing is making time for myself. Some days, that’s just getting to read my kindle while I spend 2 hours settling Sam to sleep. Other days, it’s indulging in a huge slab of chocolate cake in my favourite coffee shop.

Why is my life stressful?

I’m a special needs mum to Sam, who isn’t a fan of sleeping. On top of that, my daughter Syd wants to do all the things a typical 6 year old enjoys. Unfortunately, that’s not very easy for us, as Sam struggles in busy and noisy places. Add onto that the fact we have two bonkers boxer dogs, who need a lot of exercise. Plus my husband has several complex health issues of his own… Yep. Life is stressful.

A stressed woman - 3 tips for managing stress

Unfortunately, my load doesn’t end there. I’m also responsible for my two sisters who have special needs, and need a lot of support. The icing on the pretty high cake is the fact I’m self employed, so have to somehow prioritise work over all of the above to keep a roof over our heads.

My 3 Tips For Managing Stress This National Stress Awareness Month

1). As I have already mentioned, my first tip is to make time for yourself. It’s amazing how taking 30 minutes out of my day to do something I love improves my mood and my ability to cope with the pressure I’m under.

2). Talk to somebody. Bottling up stress doesn’t help. The most effective way to help get a handle on stress is to talk to someone about it. A lot of my own issues can’t be changed, but having someone to moan to about the 1am starts helps me massively. I also found that things improved once I opened up to health professionals, who helped me arrange extra support for Sam. That definitely made a huge difference.

3). Don’t bury your head in the sand. As hard as it is, facing problems head on is much better in the long run than ignoring them or putting them off. When we were in financial difficulty a few years ago, it was tempting to pretend it wasn’t happening. Fortunately, I was able to approach companies to explain our circumstances before we fell behind with our payments. Some companies set up new payment plans, which allowed us to make ends meet and avoid spiralling debt. They were grateful we’d contacted them before there was an issue.

How Can Zenflore Help?

Zenflore - 3 Tips For Managing Stress

This is what the experts say…

Zenflore is the world’s first targeted probiotic, for moodmemory and stress. It contains unique live 1714-SerenitasTM culture, and specially selected B vitamins. Together, these help to support your mind and body during busy and demanding times. Additionally, they can improve mental performance and reduce fatigue.

Zenflore costs £29.99 for a 30 day supply. I love that they are soya free, lactose free and veggie friendly.

My Experience:

I have been taking Zenflore for a week so far. It’s been a particularly stressful week, involving the kids being off school and lots of juggling. I’ve not had anywhere near enough sleep, and am definitely feeling less “dead” than I usually would. My mood has been “ok”, but I haven’t felt “swinging from the chandelier” happy yet. I’ll continue to take them and update this post in due course though.

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