The beauty industry was once thought to thrive only within traditional brick-and-mortar, in-store shopping. Companies thought that beauty products had to be personally sampled and tested before being purchased. So how did the beauty industry become compatible with a virtual marketing avenue? Read on to learn more about how the beauty industry is conquering online trade.

Ways that the Beauty Industry is Conquering Ecommerce

There are so many avenues that the beauty industry excels in, and so online shopping was the next big step. The development of new apps, smartphones, and gadgets empowered more people to shop online for beauty products. 

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Here are the main reasons for the successful integration of the beauty industry into e-commerce:

1. Technological developments

Major beauty brands are developing and launching their exclusive avant-garde apps. This includes L’Oreal’s Makeup Genius and Sephora’s Virtual Artist. These apps make it possible for customers to virtually ‘try on’ various makeup shades before purchasing them. 

Apart from brands going digital, wholesale brands have also followed suit. Asian Beauty Wholesale offers top Korean, Japanese, and Thai brands on its website. Click here to find out more about it.

Apps and sites bridge the consumers’ needs to make the best purchase possible. As well as retailers’ need to minimise costs. Similar immersive technological advancements are expected to follow suit. This will only add to the number of buyers moving to the online shopping experience.

2. The power of online beauty influencers in the beauty industry

You can credit the success of the online beauty industry to the growing number of beauty influencers. These influencers are professional makeup artists, beauty bloggers, vloggers (video bloggers), and beauty enthusiasts. They saturate the Internet with makeup tutorials and product recommendations that drive consumers to purchase these endorsed products.

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Beauty influencers have followers and audiences who stay tuned for makeup tips and suggestions. This is the main driving force for their success. Some beauty influencers have become so successful that they manage to create their product lines, as well as recommending and endorsing established brands. Additionally, beauty influencers also help new brands penetrate a dense online beauty market. They do this by merely opening interest to these new brands through their online platforms.

3. Novelty of online shopping experiences

Apart from all the hype induced by beauty influencers on social media… Consumers may also tune in to online shopping, simply because it’s a novel experience they can try. We are still in a semi-digital market, where both in-store and online shopping experiences are available to consumers. Some consumers may be interested in trying online shopping for the sheer interest of experiencing it. Mainly because online apps make it easy for individuals to make online purchases. Even the ones who aren’t tech-savvy.

4. Convenience

Finally, consumers are interested in trying shopping for beauty products online because it is convenient for them. Especially for individuals with busy schedules and other priorities. Shopping for beauty products online enables customers to compare various brands and prices right at their fingertips. Then have them delivered to their doorstep. 

This ease of access and broader choice cannot be easily be replicated by in-store shopping. Comparing various product brands and prices in store may prove to be too much like hard work. Shopping for products online offers convenience for consumers.

Online Marketing Tips for Beauty Entrepreneurs

Here are some helpful tips for beauty entrepreneurs who want to create effective online marketing strategies for their brands:

Leverage social media

Social media is your most significant friend as an online beauty entrepreneur. Social media platforms enable you to reach out to various target demographics. Additionally, you can engage with consumers, and heighten brand awareness of your product. Instagram and Facebook are the leading platforms for social media visibility. So be sure to familiarise yourself with them. Additionally, learn some strategies to optimise social media marketing.

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Create video content

Makeup tutorials, how-to videos, and other informational content regarding beauty are great ways to attract customers. Invest in a good video marketing team or take the time to create video content to boost your brand’s credibility and visibility.

Personalised online shopping

Creating personalised online shopping experiences will help you stand out among competitors and retain customers. Some great ways to customise the online shopping experience include things like… Providing questionnaires, online diagnostic tools, and also walk-throughs to help them select the best product for themselves.

Final Thoughts

The online beauty industry is dynamic due to various trends, strategies, and evolving demographics that saturate the industry. So in an industry full of potential, and with the right information and business strategies, it can prove lucrative and profitable for both established and aspiring online beauty entrepreneurs.

Finally, if this post on how the beauty industry is conquering e-commerce has been useful, check out more of my thoughts here


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