If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know my husband and I separated last year, and I am now a single parent. Back in 2013, I made the decision to get sterilised, and finally went under the knife in July 2015. Read on to find out why I am considering my fertility now I’m separated. I’m 36 now, and wanted to do an update, to share my thoughts. Read on to find out if I regret my decision.

Considering My Fertility Now I’m Separated

Back in 2015, I was 100% certain I didn’t want any more children. Has that changed now I am single? No. Thankfully, I am still certain I don’t want any more children of my own. My reasons for not wanting more children have remained the same, and if anything are stronger. Sam, my son has “low functioning Autism” and requires a lot of additional support. Add to that the fact he rarely sleeps more than 4 hours a night, and you’ll probably understand why I don’t want to add a newborn to the mix. While a newborn would get older eventually, there’s an increased risk they too would have Autism. So for me, it’s a clear no to more babies.

Getting Sterilisation Reversed

While I can’t see me changing my mind any time soon, it’s comforting to know that places like First Fertility Clinic are out there. They are helping women who have changed their mind about not wanting more children get pregnant.

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If I did change my mind, my options would be to go through private IVF to successfully implant a fertilised egg. This is because when I was sterilised, my Fallopian tubes were cut, not just clipped. So there’s no way I could have it reversed. If I’d opted to just have the clips used when I was being sterilised, I could have had reversal surgery done, had I wanted to. This is not guaranteed though, as your Fallopian tubes can become damaged by the clips.

Grateful For What I Have

While I have been considering my fertility now I’m separated, I have also been appreciating what I have. I”m lucky yo have two healthy children. One boy and one girl. So on paper, we have “the perfect family” anyway. I struggled physically through both pregnancies, so know that I’d probably find another one even harder on my body. Additionally, I struggled mentally when I was a new mum, with post natal depression and sleep deprivation. So I think given our current circumstances, it would be a pretty silly idea to consider adding another baby to our household.

Growing Old Gracefully

Let’s not forget the fact I am 36 now, and would be at least 37 if I were to have another baby in the future. Honestly, I am a little bit selfish, and am already looking forward to the possibility of getting a little more time to myself once Sam reaches adulthood, so adding another baby to the mix would add another decade onto that elusive child free time. Finally, my main reason for considering my fertility now I’m separated was to confirm I made the right choice. And I am happy to say that I did!


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