Sam is now too big for his baby carrier, so after much
research, we decided to get him the Fisher-Price Safe Voyage Convertible
Multi Group 0+ Car Seat.

Fisher-Price Safe Voyage Convertible Multi Group 0+ Car Seat

It sounded great on paper – Rear facing is much safer so this was a key feature for me.
The fact it had multi position recline was another feature I was keen to have.
So to find both of those features on a seat so reasonably priced and
from such a well known, well trusted brand made me decide to get it.

We ordered it for collection via Argos for £55.99.
When we picked it up, I was surprised to see it was just inside a carrier bag, with no protective wrapping.

I don’t know about you, but many things I’ve bought from Argos
previously have had dented packaging, so the idea my car seat had been
in their warehouse, sat on a shelf so unprotected was not one I was best
pleased about.

I decided to accept the seat & give it a thorough once over at home before fitting it.

When I got home, I ripped open the bag to find the instructions, but there were none.
There were also no safety tags or labels attached to it, as there have been on the previous 2 car seats I have purchased.
I took all of the padding off the seat in case they had slipped behind them or such like, but couldn’t find them.
There are some basic images printed on the seat, but I would not call them instructions.

I will be returning the seat for a full refund.
I bought our last car seat from Toys R Us, we got help fitting it, it came in a box & we got instructions as well.
That was also a Fisher-Price one, so I am somewhat confused as to why Argos supply them in such a poor manner in comparison.

Considering all of the scaremongery regarding fitting car seats
correctly, and the potential consequences of using an ill fitted one, or
none at all, it seems unbelievable to me that one of the high street’s
leaders can provide such a sub-standard service.

Getting back to the seat itself….
It feels well padded and comfortable, but the straps have a rubber backing – likely to make the child sweat in the warm weather.
The seat had a large pull on its’ upholstery, as well as quite a few loose threads.

From the side, you can see down into the seat, and it is clear the upholstery isn’t fully stitched.

(I didn’t have to move anything to see this – it is clearly visable from the side of the seat.

The plastic “base” part of the seat is full of scrapes and scratches.

Now while I cannot say for sure where or how these were caused, my money would be on the argos warehouse.
The picture just underneath the scrapes are the “instructions” printed
on the side I mentioned earlier – hardly sufficient in my opinion. It
makes no mention of maximum or minimum weights, approved cars, how to
adjust the recline, or any guarantee information.

I tweeted Argos to see what they suggested, and the conversation went like this….

ME: I bought 376/4862 today & it has no
instructions & came just in a bag – no box. Seems a bit odd for a
car seat? Any advice?
ARGOS: Hi, was this purchased in store?
ME: Yes.

ARGOS: It may be that the packaging was damaged during
storage. I can only suggest contacting the store in question to
ascertain……why it was not packaged in a box. If you let me know which
store it was I would be happy to contact them on your behalf.
ME: A few places selling it online say it comes boxed
& with instructions & a safety guide. Seems like substandard
packaging to me
ME: Sure, it was from Regent’s Road, Salford. The plastic bag just had a sticker on it saying Nursery/ Hard goods main
ARGOS: I’ve spoken to one of my colleagues in store and she informed me that the car seats we stock do generally come in just a bag.
ME: That seems poor to me. Not to worry, I’ll return it. Not happy fitting it without instructions anyways. Thanks.
ARGOS: That’s completely understandable. Please make sure you have your receipt and that the seat is in the original packaging.
ME: Are you being serious? you want it in the plastic bag which I had to rip open to look for the none existent instructions?!
ME: One last question – how do I leave a review of the car seat? I can’t find the option on your site.
ARGOS: Generally, returned items would need to be in
their original packaging and in an unused condition. In this
circumstance……however, there shouldn’t be a problem. Please repackage
the item as best as you can.
ME: Will do. PS it might be worth having a quick look down my timeline. everyone thinks a box & instructions are essential
ARGOS: Customers are invited to leave a review via
e-mail if they have reserved an item for store collection or placed an
order……for home delivery. However, you would have needed to sign up for
our e-mail notifications.
ME: Ok, thanks. Will await the email & do a blog review in the meantime. Kind regards.

So there you have it – Argos seem to think it’s acceptable to supply
car seats protected in a plastic bag, and without instructions. I don’t
know about you, but I don’t want to “guess” at fitting my child’s car
seat, and if I wasn’t concerned about the seat’s safety history, I’d
have bought a used one for a fraction of the price.

Overall, I have been deeply dissatisfied by this product, its’
packaging (or lack of it) and the fact Argos seem to think it is
acceptable to supply safety equipment in this manner.

I’ll be shopping elsewhere when I have received my refund.

This car seat is by no means a cheap one, so I would not expect so many flaws for the price.

My advice: AVOID!

(If you want to read the twitter conversation for yourself, here is a link to my first tweet to argos – you should be able to see their replies via this).

If you would have been
dissatisfied by this service and car seat, please comment & share. I
want to make people aware that Argos is not a good place to shop for
your child’s car seat.

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