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Me and Sam went to the new Baby Sensory class in Worsley today. It is run by the lovely Clare, and operates from Roe Green Church, Roe Green, Worsley, M28 2RN on a Saturday Morning. (11.30am-12.30pm). The class we attended was suitable for babies aged from birth to 13 months. There were Mums and Dads there.

The purpose of the class is to stimulate your baby’s senses, which will help them develop. Every class follows a cycle which involves doing 20 minutes of baby sensory, then 20 minutes of exploratory play, then another 20 minutes of baby sensory. This schedule seemed to keep all of the babies happy, and interested in what was going on. The activities within each sensory section vary each week, but the class will always start with a “Say hello” song and finish with a “Goodbye” song.

This week, the sensory sections included learning some baby signs, singing songs and interacting with our babies through touch, sound and sight. We used a parachute, beach balls, rattles, finger puppets, bubbles, glittery pom poms, music, lights, touch and baby signs to interact with our babies.

The exploratory play section gave Sam the opportunity to play with lots of new toys and interact with the other babies. He took a liking to the ball pool, and spent ages crawling around chasing the balls as well as sizing up some of the other babies. I enjoyed being able to chat to some of the other parents during this time.

Sam was up early today, so was getting tired by the start of the 3rd section. He quickly fell asleep on the comfy mats and slept through the rest of the activities. This didn’t stop the other babies (or me) from enjoying the remainder of the session.

All in all, the Baby Sensory session was brilliant. It was a relaxed environment and the parents all got on well. The babies all seemed to enjoy themselves too. There were plenty of seats and lots of high quality equipment suitable for all of the babies in attendance. There was a baby changing area and parents were told not to worry about feeding their babies or letting them crawl off (or sleep) if they wanted to. Clare was a brilliant leader and clearly knew her stuff. Enthusiasm radiated from her and rubbed off on me too. We will definitely be back next week!

Clare runs classes in Urmston too. If you’d like more information on Clare’s Baby Sensory sessions, prices and availablilty, check out her Facebook Page or her Website

Sam slept for an hour after his Baby Sensory class!!

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