I was recently sent a MAM Dipper Set to review. I say I was sent; but this is definitely one for Sam to review!

I have always spoon fed Sam the majority of his meals as he just has no interest in doing it himself. For the past week, I have been giving Sam the fork or spoon from the MAM dipper set and letting him join in. For the most part, we have had a lot of this:

Yup – Sam will stick it into the food, then throw it on the floor! He has had the odd chew on the fork too, though!

He doesn’t have very much patience when it comes to how fast he is getting fed – he likes to eat very quickly and just gets frustrated when trying to do it himself. I can’t help but think he just isn’t ready for feeding himself yet. That’s not a reflection on the MAM Dipper Set, it’s just a Sam thing!

He finds the MAM Dipper set very easy to hold, and he clearly likes the feel of them in his mouth. They wash easily and have survived the dishwasher without turning orange!

I would recommend the set to parents looking to make the switch from them feeding their baby to baby feeding themselves. I will continue to give Sam the set at mealtimes so that he can do it himself, when the time is right!

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