I was recently sent an Easyblackout Blackout Blind Kit to review, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

The kit consists of a roll of self adhesive velcro, which you run right around your window frame. It is white, so you can’t see it on our White upvc frames once it is in place and your blinds are up. (Unless you get right up close to it). You also get a sheet of blackout fabric which sticks to the velcro. You cut the fabric down to size yourself, to ensure you get the perfect fit for your window.

It took us 5 minutes to get the velcro stuck to the window frame, and around 10-15 minutes to measure and cut the fabric. Once it was cut to size, I stuck it to the window and Sam’s bedroom was immediately pitch black, despite it being 4pm in the height of Summer! It is a bit fiddly making sure you cut enough fabric to cover the window handle, if it sticks out like ours does, but it wasn’t difficult as such.

I love the fact I can pull the blackout blind off and fold it away when not in use, without having to clean those annoying “sucker” marks off my windows. I also love that I can still use my vertical binds with the Easyblackout Blackout Blind Kit. The price varies depending on the size of your window, but prices start from £19.95. The material does not fray, so no sewing is required!

We have been blacking out Sam’s bedroom for a week now, and he is definitely sleeping better. I will be honest – it hasn’t been the miracle I was hoping for, but his 5am get ups have crept forward to 6am, so there has been an improvement. He woke up crying the first couple of days, as he wasn’t used to such a dark bedroom, but he got used to it quickly. I will continue using the blind and update if there is any further improvement with his early wake ups.

Here’s a video to show you just how dark it will make the bedroom

If your baby or child won’t sleep during daylight, or if they are waking as soon as the sun rises, then a blackout blind may well help! I would recommend it to mums to be as a must buy – I regret not getting Sam used to sleeping in the dark from day 1, and I will definitely be making sure Robyn is accustomed to sleeping in the dark when she arrives.

I have given the Blackout Blind Kit 5 out of 5 because it does exactly what it says it will. It blacks out the window. I don’t feel it is fair to knock any marks off because it hasn’t made Sam sleep better, this is down to Sam, not the blind! It was easy to fit, it looks good and it is easy to remove. The price is good, and the delivery speed was excellent – definitely worthy of 5/5 in my opinion.

This is not a sponsored post – I was sent the Blackout Blind Kit to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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