Sydney I was recently sent a Truffles the Rabbit to review, from Lollipop Lane.
It would be fair to say there has been one heck of a custody battle going on since he arrived.
I was in two minds as to whether or not to remove him from his gorgeous gift box, but Sydney gripped his ear and refused to let go… so I had to!

Truffles is a similar size to Sydney, and he is suitable from birth. Syd loves to hold his ears. She likes to rub them against her face, and fall asleep holding onto them.

Wonderful…. except Sam does too! I keep finding him stroking Truffles, but the minute Sam spots me, Truffles gets abandoned – he’s such a BOY!

In all seriousness, Truffles retails at £17.99, he is amazing quality, super soft, and a large size for the price. (Approximately 30cm from head to tail).

Truffles has a soft, cuddly filling, but has slightly weighted paws
(like beanie bear filling), which allow him to sit up, unaided.
He will happily sit with his legs in front of him on a shelf or seat, or he can balance with his legs dangling over the shelf.
One of his paws has space to write who he belongs to – I haven’t been brave enough to write on this, though… I was scared I’d make a mess of it.

The only thing stopping Truffles from being perfect is the fact he isn’t machine washable – sponge clean only.
This may prove to be an issue in the future, so I have to knock off one star for that.

All told, we LOVE Truffles, and I think he’s a great gift for babies, kids and big kids, too.

I highly recommend him, and give him 4/5.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the product to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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