I was recently sent a Theraline Baby Pillow to review. (Well, I say recently – we’ve been using it for 10 weeks now)!

Sam always slept just how the books told me he should – on his back, toe to toe, in his cot.
He developed a flat head very early on, despite getting lots of tummy time, being held lots in the day, and spending time in his Jumperoo every day.

He visibly had a flatter head his right side from around 8 weeks old, and by the time he was 24 weeks old, it was painfully obvious.

He is 17 Months old now, and his hair is long so you can’t see it as much, but you can still feel the flatness. The health visitor says it’ll even out by the time he is two….!

When I was asked to review the Theraline Baby Pillow, I almost bit the PR Rep’s hand off….. ok ok a slight exaggeration, but I did reply to her email within about 30 seconds!

The Theraline Baby Pillow claims to, “Help preserve the natural shape of your baby’s head.” We have been using the baby pillow for around 10 weeks now, and I have to say, Sydney’s head is DEFINITELY still round. There is no hint of flatness! Sydney has still got the signature bald patch on the back of her head, though.

It also claims to keep your baby in an ideal sleeping position – I don’t agree 100% with this statement. The pillow is a little on the small side, and Syd’s head slips off it once or twice a night. (Which is a bit of a pain, but nothing compared to the stresses of the constant comments about a flat headed child – trust me)!

Sydney definitely sleeps better when her head is on the pillow, compared to her cot mattress, and she never gets sweaty when on the pillow. (Her neck was forever getting sweaty before we used it), so while it may not keep my baby in the ideal sleep position, she is definitely more comfortable.

The Theraline Baby Pillow is suitable from birth to 12 Months. It has an indentation on the top, and the mesh underside shows you just how breatheable the pillow is. It feels soft, and it can be machine washed upto 60 degrees.

Am I certain it has stopped Sydney’s head from getting flat? NO. Do I think it has helped? YES. Would I recommend it to others? YES. Sydney has reflux, so she has spent a lot more time upright than Sam did – in a sling, in my arms, in her bouncer, etc. This may well have helped too, but I genuinely think the pillow has been a major factor in her avoiding having a flat head. With an RRP of £19.99, they are worth every penny in my opinion. I give it 4/5 – knocking one mark off for the fact it could be a bit larger.

The Theraline Baby Pillow could be a little larger, but it works, and as you can see, Sydney is comfy on hers!

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the Theraline Baby Pillow to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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