I am a Britax Mumbassador. As part of my role, I am given the opportunity to test some of their products. I was recently sent a Britax Versafix Car Seat to review. The Britax Versafix is a forward facing car seat which is suitable for children aged 9 months to 4 years (9kg to 18kg).

Sam is currently 15kg and 20 Months old. (He is huge for his age). He
was very excited to sit in the Versafix when I popped him into it to set
the strap height.

While Sam was sat in the seat, I could easily adjust the strap height from the back of the seat. I had to squeeze in the clip, then slide up the strap lock to the required level.This was easy to do, but the way you access it means you have to remove the seat every time you need to adjust the straps. (This is not a problem if you are using isofix or the seatbelt alone, but it is a bit of a pain if you are using the top tether as well).

Speaking of the different options of securing the car seat: I like the fact you can use a seatbelt or isofix. It means that if another family member is looking after Sam, I know his car seat will fit in their car. I personally use the isofix and the top tether connections in our car as these are the safest options. (Only 30% of seatbelt fitted car seats are correctly installed, wheras 96% of isofix connections are correct). It is good to know the Versafix is flexible though, and will fit in most cars.

Installing it was easy. It took less than 10 seconds to click the isofix connectors into place. The Top tether anchor point took a few minutes longer, but it was really easy. (You lift the top tether belt over the back of the car seat, click it onto the anchor point then pull the strap to tighten it. The entire fitting process took 5 minutes.

Sam really likes the seat, and seems comfy in it when we are out and about too.

The Versafix has 3 recline positions. Sam sleeps happily in the seat. The straps are really easy to loosen and tighten – you just pull the strap under the buckle to tighten, and push the button under there to loosen the straps.

One thing I want to stress again is that Sam is HUGE for his age. He is only 20 Months old, but he needs age 3-4 clothes. For that reason, I have posted a photo of my 7 Month old daughter in the seat too. She is a little too small to test the seat for real yet, but she was more than happy to sit in it to pose. Syd is 8,8kg when this photo is taken, so slightly smaller than the minimum weight limit.

Excuse her Pyjamas – this was a last second snap as I realised Sam wouldn’t give a very fair indication on the seat’s size.

The Versafix has the new pivot link system, which helps to reduce any forward-pitching motion of the seat and your child in the event of a collision. The top tether anchor point limits the rotational movement
of the seat. The deep, softly padded wings also give side-impact
protection. These 3 things make the Versafix one of the safest car seats around.

It is worth remembering that these seats are only available from retailers who are specially trained to fit it for you. Check the Britax Website for full information.

All told, I really like the Versafix. It looks great, it feels really
well made and sturdy, too. The cover can be removed and washed on a
delicate, 30 degree cycle. Sam is happy in the seat, so this means I am
happy too. The RRP of £225 isn’t cheap, but when you consider the safety
standard and the fact it should last for over 3 years, it is money well
spent in my opinion. I like the fact you can buy spare covers for it
for £40 too.

I give the Versafix 4.5/5 – losing half a mark because you have to remove the seat to adjust the strap height.

Please note: in the event of a collision, babies are safest in a rear facing car seat. My advice is: don’t move your child to a forward facing car seat until absolutely necessary.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the Versafix to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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