I was recently sent a Lindam Safe and Secure metal play pen for review.

I was really excited about this as we have a fairly large kitchen, and the kids like to be able to see me when I am cooking. Now they are both mobile, it is getting more risky by the minute. We have got lots of other Lindam products, so I was expecting great things from the play pen.

The first thing that struck me was that the box was very heavy. (If you are collecting this from a shop, make sure you’re up to lifting a 18kg box, or have a helper to ease the load)!

Inside the box are 6 metal panels. (5 side pieces and 1 door). The panels pop together pretty easily – (they are held together by a metal spring pin and hole system). Once the play pen is erect, you have an Allen key to tighten the hinges and prevent the playpen from being moved by your children. The play mat which is included is really well padded, and washable too. My 7 Month old daughter seemed more than happy to play in there.

At this stage, I was over the moon with the play pen. Then I tried to disassemble it. I really struggled to separate the sections from one another so I could fold it down for storage. I had to use a metal BBQ skewer to push down the pins enough to release it from the hole. I only had to do this to two of the pins, then use the Allen Key to allow free movement of the other pieces. It folded up well once I had fought with the spring pins. It was heavy to carry, but i managed to store it out of sight behind the kitchen door. (Each section is approximately 25 inches wide and 29.5 inches high)

The fact it took me almost 20 minutes (and a lot of moving and handling) to disassemble it made me wonder just how practical it was going to be to use it and put it away on a regular basis. (There isn’t enough space in my kitchen to leave it up all the time, as it would block the entry to the dining area). I disassembled it, and then had a rethink about our layout.

We have an odd staircase, and had been using a freestanding room divider to keep Sam away from the stairs as we couldn’t get a baby gate without a base bar to fit them. (The bannister doesn’t start until the 2nd step, so you’d have the base bar right across the 2nd step, and I couldn’t manage to bend down to open the gate, then step over the step to the one below while carrying my 30lb toddler).

The great thing about the Lindam Safe And Secure Metal Play Pen is its versatility. I realised that I could use my fold away room divider in the kitchen when needed, and use the Play Pen to block the stairs, and create more space in my hall as well. This is how it looked when fitted to my stairs. (The wall brackets and fittings were included in the box).

Although I couldn’t use the Lindam Safe And Secure Metal Play Pen how I had originally planned to, I was actually happy about this. It meant my hallway was bigger, and easier to access. The freestanding room divider can be pulled out and put away easily, and the kids can see me as I cook.

The Lindam Play Pen can also be used as a room divider and a fire guard too, so it is really versatile. It is difficult to separate the sections though, so while the play pen is versatile, it isn’t a quick job to transform it from one product to another. The product does grow and transform with your family’s needs though. It can be used as a play pen to begin with, then transformed into a room divider, fire guard or stair gate once your child is mobile. This means your money goes that bit further as you only need to buy one product to do several jobs.

I would recommend the Lindam Safe And Secure Metal Play Pen to people looking for a play pen which will be a permanent feature in their home. If you are looking for something you can easily put away, then this isn’t a good option for you. I think it is really sturdy though, and well made. It is strong, robust and feels like it will last a long time. The gate is really easy to open and close too.

I give it 4/5 and would recommend it as a permanent play pen.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the Lindam Safe And Secure Metal Play Pen to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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