My first thoughts on the Quinny Moodd

PHEW! What an insane few days! 

Syd and I made it to London and back yesterday. (I will blog about that experience soon). 

Tonight I have finally managed to build the Quinny Moodd. I am loving it so far! 

Tomorrow will be the real test though – using it with the children in situ, not a teddy! 

Here are a few thoughts on it so far, though… I LOVE the fact it unfolds itself – that’s going to save my back a lot of pain. 

The pram looks amazing. Daddygeek described it as “Apple-y” – I assume he meant sleek, modern, stylish and beautiful, like the fruity gadgets he adores. It also got the DaddyGeek seal of approval – he WOULD push it down the street! (DaddyGeek is a bit of a pram snob – he refuses to push a lot of mine. He always goes for modern, strong, sleek designs, and won’t push anything which doesn’t meet his standards). 

The basket is tiny, so it’ll be interesting to see how I cope with that. Also, because the seat removes, my changing bag won’t stay on the handle bars. So that’ll be another interesting puzzle to crack. 

So far though, I am loving it! I cannot wait to get Sydney in it tomorrow, parent facing for the first time in ages! I have recorded a video of me unboxing and assembling the Moodd, too. I will edit that and publish it in the next few days. So stay tuned! 

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