Way back in April, I went down to Tefal HQ in Windsor and became one of their Innovation Panel members.

I was given several Tefal products afterwards, one of which was the Pro
Express Turbo steam generator iron. I was not expected to review this
item, but as I love it so much, I thought I’d share my thoughts anyway.

The Pro Express Turbo has an autoclean soleplate, and an anti calc collector. This basically means you can fill up the water tank and go! Aside from occasionally emptying the anti calc container, you won’t need to do any maintenance to keep it working perfectly.

To set it up, you plug it in, fill up the water tank & switch it on. It takes 2 minutes to heat up, and then you can use it. I usually manage to iron an entire week’s worth of clothes for myself, Daddygeek and the kids with 1 tank of water – so around an hour’s ironing.

The steam on the Pro Express Turbo is very powerful. When you use it on “full power”, you can feel the iron lift up from the board under the pressure of the steam.

It glides easily over the fabric, thanks to the autoclean soleplate. The temperature is easy to adjust, thanks to the up-down gauge on the iron. The iron itself feels much lighter than a standard steam iron – this is because the water is stored in the base, not the iron.

The Pro Express Turbo has an eco function, too. This reduces the amount of power used by 20% – it is great when you’re ironing cottons or tumble dried things, which don’t need full power.

I love the fact you can iron delicates when they are still hung up. Fire the steam at your delicate items, and the creases will literally fall out, thanks to the steam and gravity!

The main reason I love the Pro Express Turbo is the fact it is so powerful, I can iron just one side of a pair of jeans, and the creases will be removed from both the front and the back – this cuts the time I spend ironing in half!

The only negative factor about the Pro Express Turbo is the size of the base unit. It needs a full shelf to itself in my kitchen cupboard, so it’s not ideal if you’re short on cupboard space.

If you keep your iron out all the time, then the Pro Express Turbo has two great safety features. Firstly, the retractable power cord. You literally push the button and it sucks the cord into the unit, like a vacuum cleaner does. This means it’s out of the way and people won’t trip over it. The cord connecting the iron to the base will still be out, but this can be pulled up easily, out of the way.

The other brilliant feature is the fact the iron can be secured to the base in one quick, “click” thanks to the lock system hoop. (pictured). This holds the iron in place, ever when it’s hot, so it’s ideal if you need to leave it out to cool down before putting the unit away.

All told, I love the Tefal Pro Express Turbo Steam Generator. It feels well made, and like it’ll last for many years to come. I would highly recommend it, and give it 5/5.

This is not a sponsored post. I was given the Pro Express Turbo, but was not asked to write a review. I used it, I liked it, I am sharing – simples!


When I met up with the Tefal team in July, they unveiled their brand new range of Steam Generators to us, and I saw them all put to the test. I have to say: the Tefal EggHeads have been busy since we last saw them! Their new range of Steam Generators make it possible for EVERYONE to get perfectly ironed clothes, quickly!

The new Tefal Pro Express Total X-Pert Control GV8975 is similar to the Pro Express Turbo I reviewed above. It is great for the expert user who
wants to obtain meticulous ironing results, quickly! It offers extreme accuracy of temperature for specific fabrics, along with a simplified one touch setting controls.There are 5 settings for users to switch between – Synthetics, Silk, Wool, Cotton, and Linen. It also has a better anti calc collector, so up to twice as much scale is removed. The new Aquaboost Vaporizer delivers an unlimited, powerful (3 bars pressure) electric mist spray. This allows instant removal of stubborn creases – Tefal say it is three times more efficient on creases than steam only.

If you like to just iron and go, without worrying about settings, the Express Easy Control (GV7550) device is perfect! There are no dials, digits or codes to crack – It just works! You switch it on, wait for it to heat up and off you go! It is safe to use on all ironable fabrics, with no risk of burning. You can switch between silk and cotton items without waiting for the iron to heat up or cool down, too. Genius!

If you are more of an inbetweener, the Pro Express Total Auto Control GV8930 and GV8960 have 3 pre-set steam levels: normal, delicate and jeans). You switch between these 3 options to ensure you get the best results for each item.

I was given the chance to swap my Pro Express Turbo for any of the 4 new irons, but i decided to stick with the one I had. My reason for this was I didn’t have the original packaging so was worried it would get damaged in transit when I returned it.

The Pro Express Turbo is currently available at Argos for £199.99 (£100 off). It is also available from John Lewis for

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