Last month, Syd and I went to the #Mothercarepressday down in London. As well as all the amazing clothes I’ve already blogged about, we saw lots of amazing toys. This year is ELC’s 40th birthday, and Syd took a shine to one of their most popular ranges of toys.

The Rosebud Village sets are a traditional wooden doll’s house type collection. There are various sets available including a Doll’s House, farm and school. The piece Sydney was most taken by was the Rosebud Treehouse, though. She played with it so much on the day, that I bought her one when we got home.

It took me 10 minutes to build the tree house the first time – thanks to Syd’s “helping”. The pieces all slotted together really easily, and I found the instructions easy to follow. I didn’t need any tools or screws to assemble the set, which means it can easily be disassembled and put away if you don’t have space to keep it out all the time. This means that it is difficult to move once built, so make sure you’re happy with the location you choose.

Once built, the set is really large – It measures around H51 x W53 x D32 cm. The Treehouse comes with 2 people, a table, 4 seats, a swing, slide, see-saw, hammock and rope ladder. The Hammock is quite easy to remove, which did frustrate Sam and Syd to begin with. Syd (age 2) can now successfully get the characters in and out of their “bed” by herself though. Everything else works brilliantly, so rather than spending ages telling you how well each piece of equipment works, I made this demo video so you can see for yourself.

The people are really sturdy and stand up well – even on one leg! Their rope limbs are pose-able, so your people can stand, sit and hold onto the ladder and swing ropes. They do struggle a little to stay on the see-saw, but this just encouraged my kids to be extra gentle when using it, so they stay on their seats.

The set is made of solid wood, and as you can see in the above photo, it is painted to a high standard. The attention to detail is amazing. The
included characters and accessories are all equally as impressive to
look at. My children both love to play with this treehouse.

only gripe is the fact it is so pink. We don’t mind Sam playing with
“Girlie” toys, but I think some parents would be reluctant to purchase
this set for a boy – which is a real shame as Sam adores it. He’s spent
hours putting the people on the slide, and swinging the swing and
ladder. The characters sit easily on the chairs as well, and I love the fact there are 2 spare seats for when friends join them.

We love this set so much, we’ve already added the farm set to Sam’s Christmas gift list. We are also considering getting Syd some of the other sets as well.

I highly recommend the set, and give it 5/5. It really is a joy to look at and to play with. I suspect it’ll last a long time too.

This is not a sponsored post. I bought, I liked, I shared – Simples!

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