The team at Big Game Hunters recently sent us a Hasbro Giant Connect 4 to review.

My initial thought when it was built was: “They weren’t kidding about the GIANT part”!

Check out these Approximate Specifications:

H110 x L150 x 40cm

Weight: 12.4kg

There are 42 Disks included (21 Red, 21 Yellow). Each Disk is around 4cm Deep x 12.5cm Diameter.

You also receive two large net bags to store the Disks in when not in use. This means you can (in theory) leave the main body of the game outside, and bring the counters in, to prevent them blowing away in between use.

If you have space, it can of course be used indoors! We kept it in the hallway for a couple of weeks, before moving it out to the kids’ Play House in the garden once the weather picked up enough. It was perfect for Rainy Day fun while it was inside!

Rather than spending hours writing all the specifications down and sharing a zillion photos with you, I decided to make a video review to show it in action.

I love that you can stack the Disks on the side of the main body of the game to keep each colour together. The entire thing is sturdy and feels very well made.

My only niggle is the way you pull the blue slats out at the bottom, to drop the Disks through. (You need to have approximately an extra 50cm clearance on each side to ensure you can remove the pieces via here. I hadn’t accounted for this, and had to position the game in a different location to the one I’d planned, to allow us to remove the disks after each game. I knocked 1 mark off for this as it was frustrating that this information wasn’t given online.

All told, we highly recommend the Hasbro Giant Connect 4 Garden Game – If you have enough space to store it. Make sure you measure before you buy!

We were sent the product to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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