Yesterday, LeapFrog unveiled “LeapFrog Imagicard™”. This is billed as “a ground-breaking Digital and Physical Learning Experience for Kids”. Imagicard offers a whole new way to play through a collectible card experience, which brings characters and learning to life on the next generation of LeapPad learning tablets – LeapPad Platinum. So read on to hear my thoughts.

LeapPad Platinum

The LeapPad Platinum tablet is the most durable LeapPad tablet and offers kid-safe content to explore and grow.

Children are presented with new ways to solve problems with 30+ interactive collectible cards, which “come to life” on their LeapFrog tablet. Kids use the camera to simply “capture” the card on the screen. This brings one of their favourite characters into the game and unlocks more ways to play.


LeapFrog Imagicard launches with three interactive games, which feature favourite characters. Including LeapFrog’s Letter Factory, PAW Patrol, and also Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Each game features LeapFrog’s proprietary Just For Me™ Learning Technology. This personalises the experience for each child by adapting automatically during play. It also offers tutorials and more to keep kids challenged.

I was happy to learn that LeapFrog Imagicard is also backwards compatible with all LeapFrog LeapPad™ tablets. With the exception of LeapPad™1.  In addition to the multi-levelled downloadable digital games and interactive cards, LeapFrog Imagicard also comes with a tin for easy storage, and a play mat for card sorting and offline games.

All 30+ cards are also digitally included in the game, so children can still play the full games while on-the-go. Initial launch titles for LeapFrog Imagicard feature amazing LeapFrog characters and some popular TV stars. Here’s what Leapfrog had to say on the Three launch titles…

LeapFrog Letter Factory (for ages four to seven).

LeapFrog Imagicard Letter Factory allows kids to step right up to the magical Letter Factory Carnival with LeapFrog’s popular family of inquisitive frogs. Literacy skills are the ticket to unlocking new attractions where children can play fairground games to earn tickets at the prize wheel, use those tickets to let the letter cards into the carnival, and go on quests to find lost items that begin with each letter. For example, find and return the letter A’s apple for a bonus coin. More than 50 Letter Factory trivia questions add to the fun. Take selfies with Tad and Lily, and decorate the images with stickers earned during play.

Paw Patrol (for ages three to five).

Join Ryder and the PAW Patrol as they lend a paw for Adventure Bay Appreciation Week, and unleash mathematics and problem-solving skills to earn Good Citizen badges. Patrol the bay for citizens who need help, and then find the pup with the right tools and skills for each mission. Challenge your PAW Patrol knowledge by answering 50+ trivia questions, plus, have a PAWsome time taking selfies with favourite pups, and decorate the images with stickers earned for completing missions.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (for ages five to eight).

Team up with the Turtles and deploy shell-tastic mathematics skills to recover mutagen canisters that are scattered around the city. Play as Mikey, Leo, Donnie and Raph and complete fact finding missions by solving equations and feeding the team pizza using fraction skills. Scan in multiple cards to see how they interact in the animation fun zone, play trivia, and take selfies with them in ninjutsu poses.

As well as LeapFrog Imagicard, Leapfrog also announced their latest tablet – the LeapPad Platinum. It is the latest addition to LeapFrog’s award-winning family of Tablets; and their most advanced  tablet to date. Leapfrog say the LeapPad Platinum provides access to a kid-perfect web experience and a library of 800+ age-appropriate, LeapFrog educator-approved games, apps, eBooks, videos and more with all the kid-safe, kid-tough and kid-smart features you expect from a LeapPad.

How They Work

This video gives you an insight into how the new LeapPad Platinum and Imagicard will work…. So what do you make of it?

The new LeapPad Platinum is packed with upgrades too. Including a new high resolution screen and a high-performance processor. It also has the Kid-Safe Web parents know Leapfrog provide via LeapSearch™ – their kid-safe web browser. This lets kids explore content they love.  LeapSearch allows kids to browse age-appropriate content, handpicked by LeapFrog’s team of learning experts. It now also features expanded parental settings for easy fine-tuning.

LeapPad say the Platinum is their most durable tablet ever; with a shatter-safe screen and a wrap-around bumper. It has been thoroughly drop-tested, impact-tested and compression-tested in LeapFrog’s Quality Lab for durability and child safety.

The LeapPad Platinum includes 8GB memory – that’s enough to hold up to 40,000 photos or 100+ game apps*. It also comes with two cameras and video recorders plus 10 pre-installed apps (Music Player with 10 songs included, Pet Pad Party, Pet Chat, Photo Fun Ultra, five utility apps and a choice of one app download). App download requires wireless internet connection and parent account.

My Thoughts

The LeapFrog Learning Library features Just for Me™ learning technology. It contains 1,000+ games, videos, apps, which go beyond maths drills to spark creativity and logic. They foster a love of reading, social understanding, and also inspire scientific thinking. LeapFrog’s exclusive Just for Me™ Learning system personalises select games up to 10 ways. Firstly, it remembers curricular progress across games to receiving immediate feedback on answers. Also, automatically adjusting learning levels and providing hint button tutorials.  These unique collections of teaching tools work together to create a personalised learning experience. Additionally, this keeps children challenged, engaged and confident.

The LeapFrog Imagicard will have an RRP of £19.99 per game. Additionally, each is aimed at children aged three to eight years old. They will be available online and at major retail locations in August 2015. The LeapPad Platinum tablet will have an RRP of £99.99 and is recommended for children three to nine years old. It will be available in green and pink online and at major retail locations in July 2015.

I think it’ll be interesting to see how well the cards work with the LeapPad, and how easily they read. The new LeapPad Platinum sounds fab though, and I can’t wait to let the kids have a play…!

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the press release about these items, and thought I’d share! 


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