Today, I’m sharing my Bizzy Bitz Review. We were recently sent 2 Bizzy Bitz sets to review – the 350 piece Builder Set and the 150 piece Mirror Set. In case you’re not familiar with Bizzy Bitz, is a construction toy, which allows children to create, explore and learn. The pieces join together using a sock and ball connection – totally different from any other construction toy I have seen before.

Bizzy Bitz Review

Bizzy Bitz Review

The Builder set is suitable for children aged 5 and over, and it has an RRP of £37.99. It comes in a sturdy plastic tub, which is easy for small hands to get open themselves. It contains pieces in various shapes, colours and sizes – none are mirrored.

The Mirror Set has an RRP of £37.99 and is suitable for children aged 3+ It contains 150 pieces which are squares and triangles. One side of each piece is mirrored, and it comes in a cardboard box. The pieces will all fit in the Builder Set tub though, so we transferred them into there for easy storage and to save space.

All 500 pieces are well made. Each piece is strong, easy to click together and durable. Sam and Syd have played with our Bizzy Bitz a lot since they arrived.

Bizzy Bitz Review - in use

The Kids Reactions

Sydney is 3, and can easily connect and disconnect the pieces. She has spent hours making cubes and long lines (or Superworms as she calls them)! Sam is 4 and has autism. He is a huge fan of shapes, colours and mirrors, so I knew he’d take a shine to Bizzy Bitz. He has struggled so far to connect the pieces together, but he loves to disconnect them, line them up and to spin them, too.

Some of the pieces have holes in the middle, which mean you can connect the pieces in really inventive ways. Sam loves things that spin, so I came up with this “Windmill” for him, and he spent ages spinning it round.

Bizzy Bitz Review - windmill

We’ve also used the pieces to practise counting, colours, shapes, sorting and pairing. The only issue we have found with Bizzy Bitz is how difficult it is to disassemble cubes and cuboids. (We’ve only been able to do it by wedging a knife down between the pieces).

My Thoughts

The instructions included with the sets are really clear and easy to follow. Sam and Syd are a little young to follow them themselves, but I thought I’d show you anyway. This Helicopter is next on my “make list”.

Bizzy Bitz Review - instructions

All told, we really like Bizzy Bitz. I think they’ll grow with the kids too, as they learn to follow instructions and design their own structures. I’d give them 4/5, losing 1 mark for how difficult it is to disassemble certain 3D shapes.

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This is not a sponsored post. We were sent the items in exchange for this review, but all words and opinions are my own. 

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