19 years ago, we were introduced to these 4 for the first time. Did you say Eh-Oh the first time round…? The Teletubbies ¬†toys were fab back then! My sister was a huge fan, and I was forced to sit through it. Of course as a 14 year old, I tried frantically not to be sucked in. I soon realised resistance was futile though, and was humming the theme tune along with the rest of Great Britain!
Teletubbies Toys

The first time I heard the Teletubbies were coming back, my initial reaction was, “Nooooo”! Then I let the kids watch it, and they were both quickly drawn in. Suddenly, it was a refreshing change from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Teletubbies Toys

When I was given the opportunity to review some of the new Teletubbies toys, I became very excited. We received this HUGE box last week, containing 6 of the new toys. I am sworn to secrecy about the contents of the box, but Sydney and I had great fun filming the unboxing video. She was beyond excited to see the toys for herself and to be showing “her friends” on youtube.

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until the 11th January to watch our videos and read my review though – that’s the date the range is available to buy in store! See you then!

Teletubbies Toys party

Finally, read more of my reviews here.

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