My 4 year old is a total shopaholic. She loves nothing more than perusing the rails in clothes shops, shelves in toy shops or the aisles in the supermarket. When I was asked to review the Casdon Self Service Supermarket, I knew she would be thrilled to help!

Casdon Self Service Supermarket

The Casdon Self Service Supermarket has an RRP of £39.99. It is suitable for children aged 3+ and requires 3xAA batteries (which are not included).

Rather than spend ages describing each item to you, I made this little video so you can see for yourself… 

The set is 52.07cm high, 41.28cm wide and 23.81cm deep, so it’s not small. It doesn’t fold away to store, so make sure you have space to leave it out all the time before you buy.

My 5 year old son has Autism, and he has taken a real shine to the supermarket too. He is forever filling the included basket with groceries and then scanning them.

Sam playing with the Casdon Self Service Supermarket

It’s been brilliant seeing my children play together too. Sam isn’t one for group play usually, but I have frequently seen Syd playing alongside him with the supermarket set. She has been playing “house” a lot recently, and loves to pretend she is “mummy”. So she pretends she’s doing the housework, while Sam (Daddy) goes to the shops. It’s so cute!

Casdon washer and ironing board

Great For Roleplay

I love that the set encourages sharing too. There’s only one basket, so the kids have to take turns when doing their shopping. I can’t wait for Syd’s friends to come over and play soon, so I can really see the Self Service Supermarket set being put through its paces. It’ll be interesting to see how well they interact with it then. I suspect it’ll be a case of several customers and one shop keeper…?

Casdon Self Service Supermarket role-play

Syd always wants to be the shop keeper. She insists she is in charge of her traditional checkout, as well as the self-checkout on the supermarket. She’s not very forthcoming with the customers’ change, though.

Playing shop

The sound effects are great, but they do get a little frustrating at 5am – hooray for the off switch on the back! The included play money is great fun. Syd loves putting cash into the self service checkout, then pressing the button to make her “change” drop out.

My Thoughts

All told, I really like the Casdon Self Service Supermarket. It’s been a great toy to use when teaching Syd number recognition. We’ve used the food items to help encourage letter and word recognition, not to mention counting. I’d definitely recommend it to parents with kids aged 4 and over . So long as they have space to store it! The set took a while to put together, so make sure you leave yourself a good hour or so to assemble it.

Casdon Self Service Supermarket fun

For me, the main plus has been seeing the kids (especially Sam) involve others in their play. Seeing Sam pass his basket to Syd at the checkout brought a tear to my eye. It’s amazing seeing him engage with her and “pretend”.

I’d give the Casdon Self Service Supermarket 5/5. Finally, read more of our reviews here.

We were sent the item to review, but all words and opinions are my own. 

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