We were recently asked to review the Trolls Poppy Styling Head, and I was very excited when it arrived. As a kid, I had a massive Troll collection, so I was keen to see how Trolls had been altered for “the big screen”. (Trolls is a new Dreamworks movie, which is released in cinemas this November).

The Poppy Style Station has an RRP of £29.99 and is suitable for children aged 3 and over. It wasn’t easy to remove from the packaging and children will definitely need the help of an adult to do this safely.

The Poppy Styling Head comes with a comb, 3 mini combs with coloured “troll” hair attached,5 hair clips, a comb and a non removable headband. I was pleased to find there is space on the Style Station’s base to store the accessories between uses.

Trolls Poppy Styling Head

Rather than spending ages describing the set to you, I made this unboxing video to show you exactly what is included and how engaging I found the toy…

I was a bit disappointed that the Troll’s hair isn’t long enough above the headband to braid or such like – Poppy has a cone shaped head, with approximately 1 inch of hair. She has around 6 inches which hangs down below the headband. This is plenty to attach the included hair accessories to, but Poppy won’t be getting her hair braided. Speaking of accessories – I loved the detail on them…

Trolls Poppy Styling Head combs

How cute are the smiley faces on the combs above? I love the clips too – My 4 year old enjoyed putting these in her own hair almost as much as Poppy’s!

Trolls Poppy Styling Head accessories

My daughter played with the styling head for around 30 minutes before losing interest. I hope that once the movie is released and she knows how Poppy is, she will revisit the toy.

For now, I’m going to give Poppy 4/5. She looks great, is good quality and great fun for little hands. It’s a shame her hair isn’t longer but then again, it would get knotty really easily if it was. This makes it a great first styling head for your little ones… As it’s less likely to become a giant knot the second you turn away. Finally, why not check out more of my reviews here.

We were sent the item to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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