If you have a child under ten, chances are you are all too familiar with collectible toys. We were recently asked to do a Nanables Review, and happily agreed. These Small House Play sets are £4.99 each and suitable for children age 6 and over. Read on to find out what we thought of these new collectibles.

Nanables Review – Small House Play Sets

Rather than spending ages explaining what the play sets look like and what is included… We made this video so you can see got yourself…

Each play set contains 2 Nanable figures (called Nanos), and has a front door which opens. One Nano can stand behind the door, while the other has somewhere on the play set to stand. (Note the table on the purple set below, and the swing on the donut set).

nanables review - The play sets

Nanables Playsets are available to buy from Smyths, Argos and Tesco. I love that they are cheap enough for kids to collect them, using their pocket money. Additionally, there isn’t as much waste plastic as with other collectible play sets.

On the reverse of each Nanables play set is a viewfinder (pictured below). If you look through the viewfinder, you can see the interior of the Nanables playset. So when you look inside the Boutique, you see the interior of a clothes shop, for example.

Nanables viewfinder

The Nanables App

The £4.99 play set also gives you access to the Nanables app. Firstly, you need to download the free Nanables app. Next you scan each house you own and  this unlocks fun activities. So the more houses you collect, the more activities you unlock. This free app is great for imaginative and creative play.

nanables review - The app

The app is ad free, and has an Augmented Reality element. (AR). This only works when you are scanning your play sets though – not for playing in general. Syd seemed to enjoy exploring the app, and got stuck in with the challenges. She spent ages navigating the Nanables world, delivering donuts and cookies!

My Thoughts

Each play set is £4.99, so they are great value. I love that they combine both traditional play and in app play, too. Syd enjoyed creating a village with her play sets, and letting her Nanos visit each other. Additionally, she loved the app. My biggest concern is how easy the Nanos are to lose. They are so tiny, and not easy to secure in the play sets. That aside, I do like these.

My biggest piece of advice would be to keep them away from young children as the pieces are the perfect size to end up down ears or up noses.

All told, I highly recommend Nanables for kids age 6-8. Finally, if this Nanables Review has been useful, check out more of my reviews here.

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