One of our dogs was rescued, so my 7 year old daughter is passionate about rescuing animals. When we were asked to review Scruff A Luvs Families, I knew she would be happy to agree. The set has an RRP of £29.99 and is suitable for children aged 3 and over. When you first remove your pets from the packaging, they come in a ball. (pictured below). The washing process sees them uncurl, to reveal your pets. Read on to find out what we thought of Scruff A Luvs Families.

Scruff A Luvs Families in a ball - pre washing


Scruff A Luvs Families Review – Inside The Box

The packaging says it contains ten surprises. Each play set contains one “mummy” animal and two or 3 babies. (You don’t know whether you’re rescuing a cat or a dog family until you wash them).  Also included is a grooming brush, a collar with locket for the large pet, plua a sticker sheet to customise the locket. You’ll also get outfits for your baby animals, and a milk bottle. Finally, you’ll get an adoption certificate with a ‘peel to reveal’ birthday feature.

Rather than spending ages explaining each accessory, and how scruff-a-luvs Families work, we made this video so you can see for yourself…

Washing Yout Scruff A Luvs Families

As the above video shows, the actual process of washing, drying and grooming your new pets is pretty lengthy. All told it took us over an hour. Syd loves that she can “bath” her animals and give them a blow dry whenever she wants.

Washing scruff a luvs family

The babies each have a little heart on their tummies. If you wash them in cold water, you can then warm their hearts with your finger (or the hairdryer) to reveal their gender… Pink for girls and blue for boys. Their clothes are also gender specific – girls get pink outfits while boys get blue.

drying scruff a luvs families with a hairdryer

Our Thoughts

Firstly, I love the fact that this toy promotes rescuing animals, rather than just choosing a cute one from a pet shop. Additionally, the fact that a portion of the profit goes to the RSPCA further reinforces the message of “adopt don’t shop”. The surprise elements of this toy are brilliant, and Syd loved the entire process from start to finish.

I was impressed that the extra surprises were hidden away, in a style similar to an advent calendar. This was a really nice touch. However, the sheer amount of plastic was disappointing – cardboard trays would have worked just as well, in my opinion. The included accessories are all well made and great quality, though.

All told, I’d highly recommend this playset for kids who love animals. Finally, why not check out more of my reviews here.

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