Unless you live in the North Pole, chances are you know Harry Potter has a pretty amazing Invisibility cloak. When I heard that the team at Wow! Stuff had created one for us Muggles to enjoy, I knew it would be on my daughter’s Christmas wish list. So imagine her absolute delight when we were asked to do a Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak review! Read on to find out what we thought of the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak.

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Review

The Wow Stuff Invisibility Cloak has an RRP of £60, but there are some fantastic deals available if you shop around. Rather than spending ages explaining what’s included and how it works, I made this YouTube video so you can see for yourself. The first 5 minutes are us unboxing the Invisibility Cloak. The final 3 minutes are us having fun with it in the woods…

It is worth noting that while the cloak is suitable for children aged 6 and over, it’s long. Additionally, the cloak does require the use of a smartphone with google play access, or an iPhone. You need to use this app to take your magic photos or record your magic videos. Using the standard camera will record photos which are not invisible – like these ones…

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Review - the cloak without using the app

How The Invisibility Cloak Works

Once you have downloaded the Wow Stuff app to your smartphone, you have to type in the unique code. This is printed in your instruction manual. Once you’ve done this, the app springs to life. There are several steps to follow to ensure you get great photos or videos. This video walkthrough is super helpful…

Firstly, you have to “set your scene”. To do this, position your phone somewhere stable, without the invisibility cloak or its intended wearer in shot. If the phone moves while you’re recording, it’ll mess up your video. So make sure your device isn’t going to wobble.

Next, you have to activate “invisibility mode” on the app. Once you have tapped that option on screen, you have the ability to switch between photo and video mode. Choose the option you want and then you have several options to choose from. You can opt to use countdowns, or set the video duration if using videos.  Once you’ve captured your shot or video, you can save or discard.

It did take us a few tries to make sure the phone remained perfectly still, but it was worth the effort!

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak being worn in the woods

What Else Can It Do?

The cloak can of course be used to make any object it can cover disappear – not just people! Why not cover a table and lie your broom stick on there? When you can be really flying a broom!

As the weather gets colder, you could even replicate one of my favourite scenes from the Harry Potter Films…

invisible in the snow

My Thoughts On The Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

All told, I really like the cloak. It is great quality and feels good to wear. The clasp is strong and I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t velcro. The app itself is a little tricky to master, but after playing with it for half an hour, I worked it out. I’d recommend installing it ahead of Christmas Morning if possible though, so you can have a little play ahead of time.

It does have a limit of 3 devices per code, which can be registered within the app, so choose wisely. If both parents install the app and one child, a second child won’t be able to use the app on their own device too.

All things considered, I would highly recommend it. So much so, I have already bought 3 more to give as Christmas gifts. Finally, if you’re looking for gift ideas for Harry Potter fans, check out our review of the talking sorting hat, here.

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