If you follow me on social media, chances are you’re aware I recently began presenting my very own radio show. It’s called #NoFilterParenting and is an hour long show on Salford City Radio. It’s a warts n all parenting show which shares the highs and lows of parenting. Each episode also involves blasting bangers from one year in the 90’s – 00’s, so it’s perfect for parents. When I was asked to do a Sudio Klar Wireless Headphones review, I knew they’d be perfect for the studio!

Sudio Klar Bluetooth Headphones Review

I opted to receive the White Sudio Klar Bluetooth Headphones, and absolutely love how they look! They feel really well made and the quality is so much better than my previous headphones. I love that they have the option to be wireless or wired too, for ultimate adaptability! (I need the wired option for the studio equipment, so this was a big plus for me).

Sudio Klar Bluetooth Headphones Review - me wearing the headphones in the radio studio

How They Work

In the interest of honesty, I need to mention that it took me several attempts to pair the headphones with my iPhone XS. This was because I wasn’t following the instructions correctly though, rather than a design or hardware issue. If you’re having issues pairing your Sudio earphones, following these instructions helped me do it without any issues.

This is what Sudio say about the Klar headphones:

Live without distractions so you can focus on what’s important. The Klar’s noise-canceling technology and outstanding battery life allow you to tune out the unnecessary background noise during long days on-the-go. Its sleek exterior combined with optimal acoustic performance makes the Klar the ultimate travel companion.

Klar Highlights:

Firstly, they feature active-noise cancellation. Klar headphones feature a 3-button controller, so you can operate them easily.
Additionally, they can be used with an auxiliary cord or via a wireless Bluetooth connection. They boast a foldable design, which makes them  for easier to transport. Finally, the Klar headphones Weigh 242 grams, so they aren’t a challenge to wear for long periods.

flatly featuring Sudio Klar Bluetooth Headphones, MacBook Air and coffee - Review

As well as the above highlights, I love how sleek the design is. They certainly get lots of compliments when I’m wearing them in public. I love to wear them when I’m writing in coffee shops. This helps two fold: Firstly my music blocks out all of the distracting chatter. Secondly, people are less likely to disturb me, so my productivity is up – winner!

If you’re a fan of facts, these ones should leave you knowing that Sudio Klar headphones are definitely high performers at their £150 price point…

  • Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Play Time: Up to 30 hours per charge
  • Sweat Resistant: For daily use
  • Built in microphone: Yes
  • Range: 10 m
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.1
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Voice Assisted (Siri and Google Assistant): Yes

This video shows you the headphones clearly…

My Thoughts:

All told, I am really impressed with the Sudio Klar Bluetooth Headphones. They are comfortable to wear, and the sound quality is great. The 10m range is fine for me, as my phone is always in my pocket anyway, and I pair them with that 99% of the time. I always have the Aux cable in my laptop bag, so I can use that if they run out of charge though.

I’d highly recommend them, and will be using mine for a long time to come! Finally, if you found this Sudio Klar Bluetooth Headphones Review useful, why not check out more of my reviews here.


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