If you read my blog regularly, you’ll already know I am a huge fan of books. It’ll come as no surprise then that my 7 year old daughter is a huge bookworm too. One thing she hadn’t experienced until recently though was audiobooks. So when we were asked to do a Lost on Infinity from Rockford’s Rock Opera review, I was happy to agree.

Lost on Infinity from Rockford’s Rock Opera Review

We received a complimentary copy of the Audio Book via Audible for the purpose of this review. The story is aimed at kids aged 6-12, but I suspect many grown ups will enjoy it too. Lost on Infinity from Rockford’s Rock Opera is a musical audio adventure. The story focuses on a boy called Moog. He has a dog called Rockford, and lives in Battersea.

Bio on Moog from Lost on Infinity from Rockford’s Rock Opera Review

The audiobook has a clear message about the importance of protecting animals from extinction. Lost on Infinity from Rockford’s Rock Opera follows Moog and Rockford’s adventure as they travel to Infinity. The story starts with Moog and Rockford going to Battersea Park with Moog’s uncle. While there, Rockford goes missing, and the adventure begins. Before long, they end up in infinity, Moog and Rockford are drawn into an almighty adventure. Lost on Infinity is one of 4 Audiobooks which has been produced so far as part of the Rockford’s Rock Opera series.

Rather than giving away the whole story and spoiling the journey, I won’t go into too much detail about the plot. If you’d like to sample the Audiobook though, this video is chapter one.

Rockford’s Rock Opera Part 1 – Chapter 1 from Elaine Sweetapple on Vimeo.

Sound Track

The Audiobook has a brilliant soundtrack. This, for me sets it apart from most Kids’ Audiobooks. I also love that Moog’s spoken lines are said by a young actor, rather than the story’s main narrator.

The Audiobook is 2.5 hours long, so it’s perfect to listen to in the car, when heading on a long journey. Additionally, listening to a chapter a night will give you 16 nights of Audio adventure.

Our Thoughts

Syd is 7 and we listened to this over the past couple of weeks. She has found the story enjoyable to listen to and loved the music. I was pleased to find that the songs are available to listen to via the Rockford’s Rock Opera apps. These are available via the apple App Store and google play. The first app is free to download, but if you want the rest of the story and songs, you’ll have to buy the other 3 apps. These are £1.99 each and there’s a read along version available for £4.99 via the apple App Store, too.

Other Rockford’s Rock Opera Materials

If your child is a Rockford super fan, you can bring him into your life in other ways too. Firstly, there is a DVD version of Lost in infinity available here. Additionally, you can purchase a copy of the script if your child (or class) want to recreate some of their favourite scenes. There’s also a large range of other Rockford’s Rock Opera materials available via the website. There’s a great teacher’s resources section, so it’s great for both home and classroom based learning.

Finally, if this Lost on Infinity from Rockford’s Rock Opera review has been useful, check out another of my reviews here.

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