If you read my blog regularly, you’ll already know that I am in the middle of a full house refurbishment. Alongside this, I am busy trying to replace the things I had in our marital home with equivalent items for my new place. So when I was asked to do a VonHaus 70 litre sensor recycling bin review, I was happy to agree. Read on to find out what I thought.

VonHaus 70 Litre Sensor Recycling Bin Review

With an RRP of £75, the VonHaus 70 litre sensor recycling bin is definitely not a budget waste system. The bin measures H67cm x W53cm x D33cm, while each compartment is H67cm x W26cm x D24cm. Additionally, the main body of the bin is stainless steel, so it won’t rust or corrode. The lid is made from hard plastic, and it feels well made.

The bin lid is powered by 4 x D-Type 4.5V Batteries (which are not included). The batteries go in the lid, and once they are in place, you switch the bin on via a switch on the right hand side of the lid. Once it’s on, the LED Infrared Sensor opens the lid automatically, so you don’t need to use your hands! This makes it both hygienic and practical!

VonHaus 70 litre sensor recycling bin review

The fact the bin has two compartments is super convenient too. I use one side for non recyclable waste, and the other for my mixed recyclable waste. (We have to put our metal, glass and plastic waste into the same recycling bin, so I use one half for that).

How The VonHaus 70 Litre Sensor Recycling Bin Works

The bin lid senses your presence from around 15cm away, which is great if you have a large kitchen. I have found the bin opens every time I walk by it though, so it’s best positioned in an area of the kitchen with minimal foot traffic.

One thing I was concerned about was my two boxer dogs being able to open the bin easily. I have been pleasantly surprised though. I’ve had the bin for 4 weeks now, and they still haven’t figured out how to open it! This is amazing, as one of our boxers could open our pedal bin with no issues!

Emptying The Bin

Each of the two bin bags are held in place by a plastic “holder”. (pictured below). The bag is then positioned loosely inside its partitioned half of the bin. Removing the bin bag once its full is a little fiddly, so I would advise against over filling the bin. The stickers shown below are optional – you don’t have to put them on.

VonHaus 70 Litre Sensor Recycling Bin Review - How the bags are held in place.

Removing the recycling half is challenging too… You can’t recycle the binbag, so have to remove the waste to put it in the wheelie bin. Alternatively, you can remove the bin bag then tip the contents into the wheelie bin before reusing the bin bag. It’s a shame the bin doesn’t have a hard plastic shell which can be removed and reinserted. This would remove the need for using bin bags at all. I tend to remove the bin bag, empty the recycling then reinsert this used bag and use it for my non recyclables. So at least the empty bin bag isn’t going to land fill.

I was really impressed that the bin bags remain in place perfectly, and there’s no slipping, which was a huge bugbear of mine with my old bin. The batteries have been in for a month, and are still going strong. The bin feels really well made and is clearly great quality too. It’s had lots of compliments, and cleans up really well.

All told, I really like the VonHaus 70 Litre Sensor Recycling Bin, and would definitely recommend it.

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