If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I recently separated from my husband. I moved into my new house last month, and was running on bare minimum in terms of appliances and household items. So when I was asked to do a VonShef 23L Digital Microwave review, I was happy to agree.

VonShef 23L Digital Microwave Review

VonShef 23L Digital Microwave Review -
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The VonShef 23L Digital Microwave has an RRP of £74.99 and is 900w. It measures L39 X W48 X H28cm and the door is hinged on the left side of the appliance. The first thing which struck me about the Microwave was how strong and high quality it feels. The door handle is solid, and it’s great having a handle rather than an “open door” button, so many other microwaves have.

VonShef 23L Digital Microwave Review

Operating The VonShef 23L Digital Microwave

The main thing I use a microwave for is reheating hot drinks. (I know, I know… Such a Mum thing to say)!  Warming up milk for cereal, heating up beans and defrosting bread are also go – to microwave jobs in my house, though!

As the above photo shows, the controls are easy to understand and navigate. The only bit of information missing from the front of the microwave is the wattage. I have had to go looking for this a couple of times. (It’s 900W, in case you’re wondering, so it’s powerful)! This video shows how versatile it is.

How It Performs

The interior of the microwave is exactly as you’d expect. There’s plenty of space for large plates, and you can fit a microwave safe cake tin inside. (I love making microwave chocolate sponge cake. It’s a game changer when you get unexpected guests)!

I can’t forget to mention how sleek the Microwave looks on my kitchen counter. I am in the middle of a full house refurb, so my own kitchen is more like a building site than a show home at present. So I am sharing this photo of it from Vonhaus’ own catalogue…

VonShef 23L Digital Microwave review - on the counter
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Each time I have used the VonShef 23L Digital Microwave, I have been left pleasantly surprised that nothing has been over cooked. The Auto Reheat setting is a game changer, when it comes to reheating hot drinks. Additionally, the auto defrost button has helped me avoid meltdowns when I forgot to take bagels out of the freezer the night before. Perfectly defrosted Cinnamon and Raisin Bagels for the win!

My Thoughts

All told, I really like the microwave, and would definitely recommend it. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now, so have a good idea on how well it performs. The inside is easy to wipe clean, and the exterior’s glossy finish doesn’t take long to clean either. Given the price of the product, I’d say it’s great value for money as well – it feels much higher quality than my old one of the same RRP.

Finally, if this VonShef 23L Digital Microwave review has been useful, check out more of my reviews here. I was sent this product to review, but all words and opinions are my own.


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