Way back during half term (when it was nice and warm and sunny), my sister and I took the kids up to St Annes for a day on the beach. It’s only an hour away from us, and it’s a wonderful spot for lots of sand fun. With that in mind, today, I’m sharing what happened on our trip to the Seaside.

Our Trip To The Seaside - Syd buried in sand

Our Trip To The Seaside

There are so many photos of my dad and his siblings being buried on the beach in the 1950s – 1970s… That I couldn’t resist recreating it with Syd! Alas, she “escaped” before I could get a decent photo. (It took me forever to dig the hole, as well)!

St Annes is brilliant as the sea is so far away, you can let your kids run around without too much worry. It’s my favourite seaside in the North West of England, by miles! After an hour of sitting near the pier, it started getting a bit crowded. So we then walked towards the sea for 10 minutes, and there were no crowds here at all. We had loads of space for a picnic and to play catch with the ball we had brought.

Sam and I on the beach Our Trip To The Seaside

We bought buckets and spades from the pier shop, and spent hours making sand castles too. Sam took great pleasure in knocking them all down before I managed to get any photos though. So it’s a good job he’s so cute!

Ausome Day

We all had an amazing trip to the seaside, but Sam in particular loved running around on the sand. He has Autism, and struggles in crowds. It’s not very often we manage to find somewhere with so much space for him to run around during the school holidays.

The sand itself had lots of sea “treasure” on it… Pebbles, shells, seaweed, driftwood etc. There was very little litter too. I suspect the couple of bits we did see were what had blown out of the bins up near the pier.

Our Trip To The Seaside Sam on the sand

After 4 hours on the beach, we were all in need of a break from the sun, so we headed up to explore the pier. The kids went on a few rides, and at one point Sam got scared. He reached out and held Sydney’s hand for comfort – I may have cried!

Kids on a ride in the arcade

Fish and Chips

Before we headed home, we had Fish and Chips on the seafront. After all… It’s practically the law that a trip to the seaside has to involve fish and chips! (I’m vegetarian, so I had a chip Muffin. Sam’s fussy so he had sausage and chips. Syd and my sis had fish n chips though)!

We had an amazing day and will definitely be back there over the summer – if the weather picks up again that is! We found a cute little coffee shop on the pier, so I’m thinking it’ll be coffee and cake instead of a picnic next time! Finally, check out more of my family adventures here.

Disclaimer: I wrote the title of this blog post on 6th June, and this is me just getting round to writing the rest of the post now (8th July) – life really is crazy busy at the moment! 

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