Batman Went To Baby Play

For the past 2 weeks, Sam and I have been attending the Baby Play class at our local Surestart.

It’s a free class, for 4-9 Month olds, which lasts an hour & he really enjoys it.

It starts with a bit of baby massage, followed by a sing-song (not my favourite part, I must admit)!!

After that, there are different activities each week. So far, we have had messy play, tummy time, sensory toys and a few games.

Sam really seems to enjoy it. (Although he did fall asleep this week when I was tickling his feet with a feather LOL!

All in all, I’d say give it a go.

I had to put Sam’s name down about 10weeks before we got into the
class. Our centre runs 6 week blocks to avoid disappointment and over

Sam loves mixing with other babies, and I enjoy spending time with other new Mums.

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