Poorly Baby Woes

Wow, this has been one pretty intense week in Casa Geek!
Sam has had a pretty nasty cough, cold and sore throat for almost 2 weeks. He has been grumpy, clingy and sleeping badly.
I have been feeling so sorry for him, but for the most part, he has been ok – just a bit snottier and wanting more cuddles.

This week, Sydney started sounding a little sniffly too, and we just assumed she had the same cold.
On Tuesday night, she was a bit snotty, and cried for her dummy a bit more than usual, but seemed ok ish.

On Wednesday morning, I noticed she was a bit wheezy, and she was struggling to drink her milk. I made her a GP appointment, and was advised it was a chest infection and to give her anti-biotics, but to contact the emergency doctors or go to A&E if she deteriorated or if I was concerned. Sydney seemed a bit unhappy, but not too bad during the day. She had 2 doses of her anti biotics, then we got her ready for bed.

Once we lay her down, her breathing got really weird. One second it was really shallow and fast, then it slowed right down, and there were pauses of around 3 seconds between breaths, followed by a huge gasp. We took her temperature at this point and it was 39. I rang the emergency GP and was told to take her to A&E. So I did. I was fully expecting to be sat there for 3 hours, then sent home and told the anti-biotics would start to work in a few days.

I wasn’t.

They didn’t even have to use a stethoscope to hear how much Syd was struggling to breathe. After two doctors had examined her, they decided they needed blood to rule out meningitis. Have you ever seen them try to get blood out of a chunky, 18.5lb 5 Month old baby? IT.WAS.AWFUL!

It took 2 doctors and 4 nurses to get a cannula into her. They had to poke her in 5 different places and it took well over an hour. Sydney and myself were jibbering wrecks in the end. (Hubby was at home with Sam).

They gave Syd more calpol to bring down her temperature, and then I had to get a urine sample from Syd. I was holding a bowl under her for over an hour! After another hour long wait, the bloods showed nothing of immediate concern, but then the urine sample showed signs of infection, so they decided to air with caution and run more tests – which meant more bloods (Thank god they’d left the cannula in)!

They decided at 3.30am we were staying in – just as she had fell asleep! (Typical)!

They decided to give her some strong antibiotics via her cannula, then we were given a private room, which had a cot for Syd and a proper hospital bed for me. Plus a TV – and not one of those pay £5 to use us ones, either!

I spent the night popping Syd’s dummy back in when she stirred, and watching her like a hawk. At 6am, I had to leave her sleeping to go home for her formula – It’s prescription only and the ward didn’t have any, and I knew she’d need it before the pharmacy could dispense her some at 9am. I went out to the car, in the -3 temperatures, and drove home, shivering and exhausted.

I got back to the hospital, and Syd was being given lots of cuddles from one of the nurses. She looked a bit happier. The Doctor came round at 8.30am, and said her chest was still bad, so gave her a nebuliser. This seemed to help quite a lot, and she finally drank more than 2oz milk in one go. It lasted for around 3 hours, then she was wheezy again. After another nebuliser, they took some swabs from the back of her nostrils to check for bacteria to rule out another possibility.

The results of that test were negative. They were still waiting for the results of the bloods from the night before, so Sydney still needed the cannula antibiotics daily, plus an inhaler to keep her airways open.

They said I could either stay in with her, or take her home, with the cannula in place, use the inhaler on her myself, and have a community nurse visit daily to administer her anti-biotics until she was free from infection. We chose to come home.

After a few hours of waiting while they did the paperwork, we were set free! Sydney slept in our bed last night – in her sleeping bag. Why? She kept waking up, and cuddles seemed to settle her, plus it meant I got some rest too!

Syd seemed a bit better today. Still wheezy and snotty, but more like her usual self. She had her Anti Biotics today, and we should find out tomorrow how much longer she has to have them for. Fingers crossed she will be fighting fit for her first Christmas!

Sam seems much happier today too. After 3 days of eating next to nothing, he managed to eat quite a bit today. HOORAY! Now… I suppose I should wrap this epic blog post up, and get some sleep.

Before I do though, I just want to thank all of the staff on the Panda Unit at Salford Royal Infirmary – You were all brilliant. Especially the lovely nurse on the night shift (Who’s name escapes me) who made sure I had a bed – without me asking for one, and who held Syd’s hand while they tried to get blood from her, when I was too upset to. It’s staff like those on Panda Unit who give me faith in the NHS!

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