Sam is almost 7 now, so we’ve been bracing ourselves for his first tooth coming out for a while. A couple of weeks back, I noticed one of his grown up teeth was starting to cut through behind his lower front milk teeth. So we were well and truly on standby for the inevitable “Goodbye Baby Tooth”. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll already know Sam has Autism, is non verbal and he attends a Special Needs School. I made sure they knew the tooth was loose, so they could keep an eye out for it falling out…

Goodbye Baby Tooth

He came home from school with a ball of blood splashed paper towels in his hand, a note saying his tooth had come out and this gap….

Goodbye Baby Tooth - Sam's first gap

Sam was indifferent to the entire experience. He wasn’t particularly interested in the tooth fairy or what happened next, but of course we still said “goodbye baby tooth” properly! We left his tooth out for the tooth fairy – have I mentioned how much I love out fairy door recently?…..

Goodbye Baby Tooth - Fairy door with a letter poking out for the tooth fairy

The next morning, the tooth fairy had written back to Sam. He wasn’t interested in reading the letter, but his 5 year old sister, Syd was….

Goodbye Baby Tooth - The Tooth Fairy's reply and £2

Treasure from the Tooth Fairy

Sam happily sat spinning the £2 coin on the table, but he didn’t show any interest in the letter or the “Fairy Dust”. Syd was beside herself with excitement though, and has been wobbling her teeth at every given opportunity. She is desperate for it to be her turn now.

So there we have it – another milestone reached. Sam’s baby teeth are starting to fall out. He’s got another 2 wobbly ones already now. It’s going to be an expensive few years, isn’t it!

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