Empty Crisp Packets – How do you fold yours?

I have recently started eating crisps again after a very long time. I laughed out loud when I realised I have immediately gone back to my old method of crisp packet disposal – folding the empty bag into a triangle. Think of it as crisp packet origami if you like.

This was one of the skills I picked up when I worked in a call centre! I spent many hours sat at a desk, sneakily eating crisps between calls. You weren’t meant to eat at your desk, so you had to learn how to dispose of the evidence quickly and quietly!

I have made a little video to show you how you do it….

Other people are a bit less stylish. My Dad always used to tuck his empty crisp packets in on themselves to make them ball-like. He enjoyed trying to throw these into the bin from his seat (though he usually missed)!

When I was a kid, I loved to blow my crisp packet up with air (balloon stylee) and then pop it, scaring everyone within earshot (most of the street)! I think everyone should do this at least once in their lives.

All of this nostalgic crisp packet folding has meant I have been consuming a LOT of crisps recently. I am blaming Walker’s new Mighty Lights entirely! They are their new ridged crisps, which contain 30% less fat than standard potato crisps.

The Roast Chicken ones are the first ones I inhaled tried. They tasted just like standard Walker’s Roast Chicken crisps (but ridged, and without the super greasy fingers when you’ve finished). I got so carried away with these, that they’d all gone before I even took a picture!

Next, I set to work on the lightly Salted crisps. I have to be honest here – I wasn’t keen. They didn’t taste of just salt to me. They tasted a bit over seasoned with herbs. I checked the ingredients and it says they contain “spices and herbs” – who knew I had such a distinguished palette when it came to crisps! I only ate 1 pack of these, and passed the rest on to friends. They were definitely less salty than “Ready Salted” but they tasted more of other things than salt in my opinion.

Finally… The Cheese & Onion variety. These are definitely my favourites. They aren’t too strong, but they are still really tasty. Again, I loved the fact my fingers weren’t greasy after I had finished them. My only complaint is the 25g of crisps didn’t even half fill the bag. This is a huge pet hate of mine.

I haven’t eaten crisps in years as they started giving me really bad stomach pains once I had lost weight and been off them for a year. I am happy to report none of the Mighty Lights gave me belly ache!

This is the nutritional info for the Chicken flavour crisps…

114 calories per bag: not too bad. 4.7g of fat per bag – ok for potato crisps. 0.5g saturated fat – fab!

One thing I did like about the Mighty Lights was the fact they are kid friendly. They contain no artificial colours or preservatives, no MSG, they are made from real potatoes and they are Veggie friendly, too! My children
are only 1 and 2, so they are a bit young for this type of crisp yet. I
would definitely let school aged children eat them with no guilt,

I don’t usually like ridged crisps, as I find them too crunchy and
greasy. These were different. Would I buy them again? Maybe. I don’t
really want to start buying crisps again as I don’t seem able to ignore
them calling me from the cupboard! If I had a bit of self control, I’d
definitely buy the Cheese & Onion ones again.

This is a sponsored post, but all words and opinions are my own.

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