Back in 2009, we spent a small fortune refurbishing our entire house. By 2013, our downstairs toilet was broken, and the cloakroom was repurposed as a junk cupboard. It has been used as a dumping ground for prams, camping gear and various bikes and toys ever since. The time has finally come to look at updating our cloakroom. The toilet itself will need replacing, as the wall hung one hubby had installed is about as useless as toilets get. We are on a budget though, so will be doing as much of the work as we can ourselves.

Fancy a snoop around our home how it was pre – kids? This video shows the before and after renovations we completed in 2009.

Stage 1 of updating our cloakroom

The first thing we need to do before we can begin updating our cloakroom is empty the room. We’ll be getting a skip next month to empty the junk from the summer house and cloakroom. After we’ve got rid of the junk, we will need to rip all of the tiles off the “built in” toilet unit. I still need to look for carpenters near me, as we’ll need help removing the old “built in” toilet frame, and then making sure the remaining wall is structurally sound enough to plaster and skim, ready for new tiles.

Stage 2 of updating our cloakroom

Once the old toilet system and tiles are removed, we will need to re-plaster and skim the wall where the frame was. I’m fairly confident I can fix some plaster board and skim it myself. It’ll be covered in tiles anyway, so doesn’t need to be perfect.

Stage 3 of operation budget cloakroom

Next, we will need to paint the top half of all of the walls, and then re-tile the freshly plastered walls. I am hoping that we won’t need to buy more tiles… Our en – suite was ripped out 2 years ago, and I sensibly saved all of the tiles. (Which match the existing ones in the cloakroom). It’s not the clearest photo, but this is the tiles in the cloakroom when we first did the refurbishment…

updating our cloakroom - tiles and sink


So we’ll only need to tile the part which has been re-plastered and the floor where the old built in toilet frame was removed – all being well. Fingers crossed it all matches up ok!

Stage 4 of the master plan

Next up, we will need to buy and fit a new toilet. I am definitely going to hire a plumber for this part. I’m not going to opt for an all singing, all dancing model – a bog standard close coupled toilet will suffice. (Pun intended). These start from just £58, so definitely won’t break the bank! The old sink is fine, so we won’t bother replacing that.

Stage 5 of updating our cloakroom

New fixtures, fittings and accessories are of course essential! We’ve got a mirror in there at the moment, but I am keen to get rid of this and replace it with a medicine cabinet. This will free up half of a kitchen cupboard!


All being well, my £500 budget will just about cover all of these costs. The skip, tradesmen, tiling materials and toilet are the only essential outlays. I can make do without fixtures and fittings if needs be, and the walls can be painted with some of the magnolia we have left from previous updates. If I get my way, all of this work will be done by May. I’m waiting for a few dry days forecast to book the skip in.

If you have any tips or ideas, I’d love to hear them. Finally, why not check out more of my home interiors blog posts.

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