Last week, the lovely people at Clippy London sent me over a Style Your Own Large Beach Bag to review. It has taken me almost a week to personalise it, but now I am ready to share it with you!

The bag retails at £25, and measures 41cm x 38cm x 10cm. It is made from clear plastic. Each side has 12 pockets (which are accessed from the inside, so rain won’t get in). Each individual pocket is 9 x 11cm, and can hold anything you like. From photos to tickets, small note pads, to love letters, fabric swatches to doodles your kids drew. You can even stick a hanky in, if you like! The bag has 2 long, sturdy black handles, and feels like it could hold plenty more than I crammed in there. It fastens with 2 large studs at the base of the handle straps.

The first image shows the front of the bag when it is empty. The second image shows the back of my bag when it is full and fastened. As you can see, I went for mainly photos in my pockets. The majority of them are Batman, at various stages. I tried to add some funny ones too. The Red patch on the front is for Robyn (my baby bump). I used Clippy Stickers to personalise some patterned paper.

I really like the stickers, and thought they could add another dimension to your bag. I have ordered a print of Robyn’s scan photo and will add them to that once it arrives.

The bag can hold a lot more than you think! I emptied the contents of Sam’s Pink Lining changing bag into it and did not expect it all to fit. I was astonished when it did – AND I had room for quite a bit more! I was even more impressed when I realised the bag stayed stood up despite being so full.

Inside the bag is: A changing mat, a full change of clothes, 3 nappies, nappy bags, wipes, 3 bibs, 1 cover all bib, 1 beaker, 1 carton of milk, some snacks, a note pad, 3 pens, a tub of Sudocrem, a woolly hat, a spare dummy and a teether.
Seriously, all of that is in there, and the bag is only 2/3 full. My Pink Lining bag is full to bursting with all of this in there. As you can see from the photo on the right, the bag stands upright despite being so full. The studs fastened easily too. The photo at the top of this review, showing the full bag is when it has all of this stuff in there.

The only niggles I have about the Style Your Own Large Beach Bag are that the pocket sizes are so random. It would have been nicer to have a 7×5 size pocket so I could just pop in photos without having to take the scissors to them.
Finally, the bag is clear, so from the sides, it is clearly visible what is inside. Clippy have come to the rescue here though – they sell a Pink liner which fits perfectly inside to hide your belongings from prying eyes.

All in all, I give the Style Your Own Large Beach Bag 9/10. I love the fact you can customise it, and you can change the images etc as often as you like too. I also love the fact it is so unique and personal. It feels great, and sits easily on your shoulder. It would make a fabulous personalised gift, too.

If you don’t want to start cutting up your photos, there is a new drag and drop option on the Clippy website which will add the photos to your bag before it is shipped! Perfect if you want to surprise a loved one but don’t have time to get photos printed off and cut up before the big occasion.

I would definitely recommend Clippy to my friends!

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