Today, I’m sharing my Rumbly Tummy CiccioBello Doll Review. We were recently sent a Rumbly Tummy CiccioBello Doll to review. The doll is suitable for children aged 3+ and requires 3xAA batteries (not included). With an RRP of £49.99, I was expecting an amazing doll.

Rumbly Tummy CiccioBello Doll Review

When it arrived, I was a little underwhelmed by what I saw. The set includes the 45cm tall doll, a potty, dummy, 2 wash cloths, a spoon and a carton of juice with a straw. The packaging itself was difficult to remove – as my unboxing video shows!

Rumbly Tummy CiccioBello Doll Review

Once I unboxed the set. I realised the accessories were actually well made. I had wrongly assumed the carton was cardboard, and it was actually made from plastic. His hair was a bit crazy to begin with, but it did settle down after a few days “out of the box”.

Once we inserted batteries, the fun really began though… Rather than writing down all the cute phrases, and telling you how much my daughter loved them, I decided to show you!

Here goes…

What the professionals say:

“Children can experience high levels of interaction, nurturing and role-play whilst playing with Cicciobello. Cicciobello recognises accessories and different actions. He gets hungry, feed him with his spoon and his mouth gets dirty. When he gets thirsty, give him his bottle to drink. Calm down his tummy ache with a gentle massage and potty train Cicciobello. Cicciobello really speaks and includes over 40 sentences and sounds!” 

What I say:

The part of the body he is asking you to interact with lights up. Syd loved this. The doll is actually brilliant fun, and she’s spent hours and hours playing with him. The doll is advertised as “no mess”, and this is definitely true.

He doesn’t wee, poo or cry real tears, although he does pretend to. Honestly… This is a big plus for us. Syd is forever moaning when her Baby Born’s nappy leaks onto her, or her Baby Annabel gets her wet, crying.

The batteries have lasted well so far, and the doll’s “Tail” (or boy parts) have been a great source of interest and amusement for Sydney.

I really like this doll, so would highly recommend it. The only thing which did let it down slightly was the quality of the included wash cloths. This wasn’t a major issue though as Syd uses her own wipes most of the time anyway.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the item to review, but all words and opinions are my own. 

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