Since I had kids, Theatre visits have been few and far between. When a friend suggested a Theatre day in London, I was very excited. My son, Sam has Autism and I’m his full time carer. We get 3 nights a month respite, so we planned our trip on one such day. We called our day, “Mum’s day off”, and set about making plans.

Which Show To See?

We wanted to see something in the afternoon, so we could get to London and back all in one day. Neither of us wanted to see a musical, so in the end, we opted for The Woman In Black at the Fortune Theatre. It’s located in the West End, surrounded by some more well known Theatre venues… The Fortune Theatre is back to back with The Royal Opera House, and a 5 minute walk from Covent Garden Tube Station.

A Theatre day in London

We caught the train from Manchester Piccadilly to London, Euston. There were no delays, and we were nice and comfy en route. We booked our train ticket well in advance, to get the best price.

The Theatre is a 1.5 mile walk from Euston Train Station, so we decided to walk, and stop en route for a drink and a light lunch.

a Theatre day in London lunch

You can’t have a Theatre day in London, without taking in at least a little of the City, can you? We had just over 2 hours to get from Euston to the Theatre, and that was plenty of time.

The Woman In Black

In case you’ve never heard of The Woman in Black, I’ll explain the plot briefly… It is a chilling ghost story written by Susan Hill in 1983. The story is set around 1900, and is brought to life on stage in this eerie adaptation. The Woman in Black is the second longest running West End play after The Mousetrap. It has played continuously at the Fortune Theatre since 1989, and has sold thousands of tickets.

a Theatre day in London
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The theatre production involves  just two actors. Between them, they create an amazingly haunting atmosphere. The show is a play within a play, and begins with an old man employing a young actor to help him tell a story that “must be told.” The audience are transported into the story when the pair begin rehearsing the story of The Woman in Black.

I don’t want to spoil the show, so won’t go into any more detail, other than to say… I was scared witless on several occasions. The horror found in the play is mostly down to suggestion and takes place within your own imagination. That said, there is more than one stage made shock in store for viewers!

If you’re planning a Theatre day in London, this trailer may help you decide if it’s the show for you!

Who Will Enjoy It?

If you love ghost stories, then this is the show for you – As long as you’re aged 12 or over! I was amazed by the atmosphere which was created by just two actors. This show is definitely going to make you jump at least once. (Probably more). I was very glad we went to see it during the day, and didn’t have to walk through London in the dark, afterwards.

Our Day

After the show, we had 90 minutes to make it back to Euston. As the weather was dry, we had a slow walk back through the Capital. Once back on the train, my friend and I were both exhausted. It was gone 9pm when we got back to Manchester, and well after 10pm by the time I made it home.

Did I enjoy having a Theatre day in London? YES! Would I do it again? Definitely! If you’ve enjoyed this post, read more of our Theatre blog posts here.

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