Chocolate and Children

Sam is 10 months old today, and Easter is just around the corner (Like you needed reminding). As a general rule, he doesn’t have a lot of chocolate. I don’t think he needs it, so I don’t buy it. If someone else buys him some, I’ll let him have a bit (a little of what you fancy and all that).

But with Easter approaching, I have got visions of 10+ Easter Eggs stacked up in the corner for him. I have told a few relatives not to buy him one as he is too young, doesn’t need it, doesn’t understand – etc etc. A few relatives have kindly bought him a gift instead, but I know he will still get a lot of chocolate.

My pondering today is… Do I let him eat it? Do I let his Daddy eat it? Do I graciously decline the kind gesture & explain Sam doesn’t need any more chocolate?

Answers on a postcard, please!
(or in a comment)!

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