Maternitywear By George

I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby.
This time last year, I was 37 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby.
Based on that info, you can imagine how much I have spent on maternity wear in the past 2 years.

I was recently sent some George Maternity wear to try.
I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality, cost and style!
I was sent some Skinny Maternity Jeans, Maternity Leggings and a twin pack of Maternity Vests – perfect for the current warm spell!

Here’s some photos of the clothes in action – remember I am paler than the milkybar kid and 34 weeks pregnant, so excuse the hideous hair and miserable expression – and the awful photos too – DaddyGeek is no photographer!!

The jeans in particular are amazing. They retail at £16 – much cheaper
than any other maternity jeans I have found on the high street. They are
really comfy to wear, and sit kind of on the lower part of my bump. The
fabric feels really soft and they washed well, too. These jeans are also suitable for tumble drying, and there was no shrinkage! They weren’t
exactly “skinny” fit, in my opinion.
I’d say they were more straight cut, but I liked the fact my legs could move freely.

The leggings are only available in store at the moment, and they are
amazing value at just £6 a pair! They too felt great, and there was
plenty of room for my bump in the “over bump” style. My only slight
issue with them was that the seam was at the front, which lead to DaddyGeek thinking he was seeing the baby’s spine through my skin and
clothes – you can see what I mean in one of the photos above. I think
this is probably because they are a little loose on me – I’m sure a size
smaller wouldn’t have had the same issue. The leggings washed well, and
were very comfy to wear.

The twin pack of vest tops costs just £9 and are perfect for the current
hot spell! I love the fact they are long enough to cover my derrière, so
I can wear them with leggings for ultimate comfort! They are comfy to
wear, and wash well too. If you want a shorter look, they will ruffle up
to go well with jeans and skirts. I have never had maternity tops from
George before, but I am off out to buy some more this week!

I am definitely a huge fan of the George maternity range, and will
recommend it to all of my pregnant friends and family members. If you
want stylish, affordable everyday maternity wear, George have got it
covered! 2 outfits for a total cost of £31 seems more than reasonable to me! All items are the same clothes size I was before getting pregnant – size 16. *gasp* (I didn’t lose my baby weight from Sam before getting pregnant again).

This is not a sponsored post – I was sent the items to review, but all opinions are my own.

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