Nesting During Pregnancy

I’m not sure if it counts as nesting or not, but I have spent the majority of today sorting through Robyn’s clothes, washing them, washing her cot bedding, and her Moses basket bedding. Anyone who tells you this is a fun job is LYING! I am sore from head to toe! Seriously, it would be quicker to list the bits which don’t hurt than to name those which do!

Hubby usually does the cleaning in our house, but this morning also saw me do a bit of tidying up – not a full on cleaning frenzy, but I moved some junk and tidied it away. This is pretty epic from me! I must be looking sore and pathetic, though because Hubby has come down to make the tea! (Have I mentioned just how much I love him, lately?)

I never really did much nesting with Sam – aside from washing his newborn clothes (which then all ended up being too small for him because he was a giant)! I have washed 99% 0-3 months this time, and am crossing everything Robyn fits into them!

What sort of nesting are / did you get up to in your final weeks? I can’t see me reaching for a paint brush, or even the feather dusters – I’m just too sore. I will probably set up the rest of Robyn’s things over the weekend (Her Moses Basket, stand, put on the cot bedding etc). I am also going to finish packing our hospital bag tomorrow – once her clothes are all washed and dry, I won’t have an excuse for putting it off any longer!!

I cannot believe that I am 36 weeks pregnant tomorrow, or that Batman turns 1 on Monday!

Happy June Everyone – it’s going to be EPIC in this house!!

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