The sunshine has brought me two demonic babies

Wow. This has definitely been a testing week. I am LOVING the sunshine, but the side effects of it are definitely NOT welcome!

My poor hot and bothered babies (ok ok toddlers) have morphed into fully fledged demons. They are constantly screaming, pinching, hair pulling, throwing tantrums, throwing food, throwing toys, biting and generally being a nightmare!

I have been trying my best to keep them occupied. We have had very busy days and they have been sleeping a bit better at night the past few days, but WOW! They have become VERY hard work!

If I had somewhere to go, I would definitely have gone there last night haha! I think I cried more than the kids did yesterday I was so fed up of it. I spent the entire day telling them off, splitting them up, trying to distract them, trying to play with them, etc. Basically, there was no pleasing them. At all!

Sam has become really clingy and wants to be with me all of the time. As soon as he is getting my attention, Syd decides she wants it and then the fun begins. (It’s not fun really – it’s the cycle of horror mentioned earlier). 

I am not going to moan about the weather because I LOVE it (now I have a gigantic fan by my bed). I am not even going to moan about my hayfever. Or the fact I have to wrestle suncream onto the kids twice a day. Actually, suncream is something I need to moan about a little! I cannot find sudocrem mousse suncream ANYWHERE! It’s miles easier to apply than cream, but it seems to have vanished! 

So…. please tell me that my two are not the only sun – triggered gremlins out there??

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