A while ago, I was looking for special needs activities to do with Sam in the summer holidays. He has Autism and struggles with sensory overload in a lot of situations. This can make it challenging at times to do things “typical” families do. Recently, I discovered Relaxed Performance at the Lowry, which they describe as…

“Relaxed performances are open to everyone, but are particularly appropriate for anyone who may find the usual theatre environment challenging, be that due to an Autism Spectrum Condition, a learning disability, or a fear of the dark, loud noises or confined spaces.

The performance will be slightly adapted to make a more comfortable environment; the lights in the theatre remain on low throughout the show, loud noises are softened and you’ll be free to leave and re-enter at any point if you need to.”

Relaxed Performance at The Lowry

There’s a Relaxed performance at the Lowry performance of The Gruffalo’s Child on Tuesday 16th August at 2pm. Sam and I are going, and I cannot wait to see what he makes of the theatre. (I will of course write another blog post after the performance, to outline the services, the show and how Sam got on too).

Relaxed Performance at The Lowry

If the Special Needs guest If the person would be unable to attend the performance without support, The Lowry will provide a free Carer ticket. But you have to phone the dedicated access line on 0161 876 2183 to book those.

There’s even a visual guide available for The Gruffalo’s Child performance. It’s amazing to see they’ve put so much effort in! You can view that HERE

You can read more about relaxed performances, and see the full schedule of relaxed performances HERE. If all goes well on Tuesday, I think we will be attending our first family Pantomime this December!

Finally, check out more of our theatre posts here.

This is not a sponsored post… I heard about this service, so wanted to share it – Simples! 

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