Poo-Gate Part Deux

Today is the 9th day Sydney hasn’t poo’d. I as still exclusively breast feeding her.
The Midwife came round today and was alarmed to hear Sydney still hasn’t opened her bowels since she passed the meconium on days 0-2.

I was under the impression breast fed babies could take up to 14 days to poo, as the breastmilk is all goodness – no impurities or rubbish for baby to get rid of. The Midwife was adamant Sydney should be opening her bowels daily. The Midwife rang our local Children’s hospital to ask them to see us, so off we went to A&E. After an hour sat in the waiting room, me and Sydney were called through. A Nurse did her obs, then sent us down to the Children’s ward. Once here, they did the same observations then told me a Doctor would be along soon.

The Doctor examined Sydney, pressed her tummy and checked her over. He then said he didn’t think 9 days was anything to get concerned about, but he would check with a colleague to make sure. When he got back, he decided to check her over one more time. While he was doing so, Sydney pee’d all over his expensive trousers and shoes. (It took all my self restraint not to laugh).

He said that he doubted there was anything medically wrong with Sydney as her observations were all perfect, he couldn’t feel any bloating or obstructions in her tummy, either. He basically said to see how we go on. If she gets to 14 days without poo, consider going back to our GP. He also said if she starts getting sick or looks like she is in pain, go back to A&E.

So there you have it. Another day wasted. Sydney is fine – just like I said!

I am now on RED ALERT waiting for a poo-splosion.

I’ll keep you’s posted on Poo-Gate!

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