Beautifying Before Birth – Part 2

I blogged a couple of weeks ago listing the beauty prep I intended on doing before baby Robyn arrived.
The list consisted of:
1). manicure and pedicure (or tidy my nails
up at least)
2). Dye my hair.
3). Packed some Batiste Dry Shampoo to use
immediately after Robyn’s arrival (should I need it).
4). De-fuzzing!! (Eyebrows, legs, etc etc –
I won’t bore or embarrass you by going into any more detail)!!

How much of the list do you think got done before Robyn arrived?

Yep…. NONE!

I wasn’t bothered about my finger nails, but my chipped toenails did make me cringe. Staring down at them while pushing was pretty distracting, though!
My hair was up in a pony tail, not straightened or anything. I looked a bit crazy with my grey roots & bushy ponytail.
My eyebrows had been well and truly neglected as my SPD had stopped me getting to the salon for a wax for months. They are still a mess now. I really need to get them done this week. *adds to to-do list*
The rest of me hadn’t been de-fuzzed either, but I didn’t have time to care about that at the time. I have cringed about it since though.
I did pack the Batiste dry shampoo, but I didn’t need it. (TYPICAL)!

This is Me & Sydney when she is about 45 minutes old.
I have done no beautifying.
This is a “Warts and all” photo, complete with Panda eyes and double chin! (Me not Sydney)!!

So after all my planning, nothing got done to make me look better on the post birth photos this time. It’s all Robyn’s fault for arriving 6 days early!!

I have to say, despite everything I quite like that photo. I am exhausted – and it shows, but I am nowhere near as icky looking as I expected to be.

Here we are when she is about 4 hours old – waiting to be discharged.

You can see my Grey hair a mile away on this photo, but I still like it.

So there you have it – beautifying before birth isn’t something you HAVE to worry about.
I survived without it, and my photos aren’t too bad in my opinion!!

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