Batman Spoke

Today, Sam decided today was the day he’d break his almost 17 Month silence!
At 6.25am, he woke up & began moaning (The same as he does most mornings).

I went in, lay him back down, put Ewan the dream Sheep on and told him it was still night time, but today Sam refused to go back to sleep. Instead, he sat up and said…… “Ickeyyyy, Ickeyyyy, MMM, MMM, Mickeyyyyyy” (ok, so Mickey sounded more like Miggey, but it was obvious he was referring to Mickey Mouse!!)

How could I say no to that?

After huge amounts of praise, and repeating it to DaddyGeek, who I woke up to share the news with, Batman went downstairs and was rewarded with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the TV. He seems to love the fact we know what he means now, and “miggey” has been said at least 50 times today.

Is it a co-incidence he started speaking a week after I banished his dummy from our lives during the day?
Who knows!

I do want to add, though – he had his dummy in when he said “Iggey” the first time!

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