How Many Xmas Presents Do You Buy Your Baby?

This blog is basically something I’ve been pondering for ages now.

Generally speaking, me & Hubby go OTT at Christmas – We spend a fortune & over indulge in every way possible.
This year however, pennies are tight.

Loads of people have told me not to spend a lot on Sam as he won’t remember it.
This is not something we’ve listened to!
Sam will be spoilt rotten come Christmas Morning.

I am not saying I disagree with the advice I have been given – in
fact I applaud those of you who have the self control to reign it in and
control your spending, when faced with so much media hype and

So far, Sam has got a Rocking Reindeer from Mamas & Papas – RRP £70, bought for £35.
(If you know me even slightly, you’ll know I ADORE Reindeer, so this was a MUST BUY & will be out all year round too)!

He got his Rainforest Jumperoo in September which was part of his Christmas haul.
He’s also got all 6 of the Raa Raa the noisy Lion plush toys, a Roaring Raa Raa (It’s his favourite TV show)!

We’ve also bought him lots of books and some clothes too.

I feel we have been very reserved considering how much we usually spend on each other!

(It is worth pointing out his Grandma has bought him pretty much
every age appropriate Fisher Price toy and educational toy in the Argos
book, so he’s getting LOTS of educational things too).

I am also aware the things we have chosen for him are not technically
age appropriate, but they will be strictly supervised play only until
he is old enough for them.

So anyways…. back to my original question: What is (or was) your budget for your little one’s 1st Christmas?

I reckon we’ve spent about £250. ish.

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