It’s almost time for the main man to visit…. and take all of the credit! With that in mind, I thought I’d share our Christmas Eve traditions, and our Christmas Day routine. If you’re new to my blog, you may not know we are an Autism family, so a solid routine is something we live by. It helps our son, Sam cope with day to day life. He has Autism, and struggles quite a lot at Christmas.

Our Christmas Eve…

We tend to have a quiet day at home on Christmas Eve. I hate shopping at the best of times, and it’s usually too busy everywhere festive for Sam. For Christmas Eve Tea, we’re having a buffet this year. Sam is a grazer, so we figured this would be a bit easier for him than a sit down meal. (That said, we have two boxer dogs, so our Christmas Eve buffet may well turn into a dog feast…!

After we’ve eaten, Hubby and I will bring out the Christmas Eve box, like we do every year. It contains new Pyjamas for the kids, “Snowman Soup” (hot chocolate cones), reindeer food, a book and some tasty snacks. Once bathed and in our new PJs, we will all settle down to watch The Snowman, followed by The Snowdog, and then read “T’was the night before Christmas” before the kids go to bed.

our Christmas

Our Christmas Morning…

Sam isn’t a fan of unwrapping gifts, so we unbox and install batteries in whatever requires them in advance, and put all of his gifts into a big Santa Sack. This way, he can dip in and out of it as and when he wants, and there’s no pressure for him to unwrap stuff.

We usually set up stockings for the kids in their bedrooms, and then when we hear them stirring, Hubby will make us all breakfast (and let the dogs out). I help the kids with their stockings, and then we will all go into the lounge and eat as we open gifts.

Sam usually heads off and eats in the kitchen, as he prefers quiet time first thing in the morning. Syd, Hubby and I take it in turns opening a gift each, while the others watch. This way, we can see what each other gets, and it minimises chaos. Sam tends to potter around the house, avoiding the gift unwrapping like the plague. He will come into the lounge once everything is unwrapped, though.

our Christmas

Christmas Dinner…

Meal times in our house are always a stressful affair. Hubby and I are veggie, Hubby is diabetic and on a low carb/sugar diet to control it. Sam has massive food aversions and Syd is your typical fussy kid. Christmas Lunch will probably involve putting separate dishes of food in the middle of the table, and letting everyone help themselves.

Sam will probably eat just Yorkshire puddings, a couple of roast potatoes and parsnips. Syd will eat tons of mash, carrots, Yorkshire puddings and maybe some peas. Hubby will have the Quorn, carrots, loads of cauliflower, cauliflower mash, and gravy. Meanwhile, my plate will be piled high with Quorn, mash, roast potatoes, carrots, peas, parsnips, Yorkshire puddings, apple sauce and gravy – yum yum! I’ll miss the stuffing, but there’s no point making the stuff only I will eat.

We don’t dress the table with much, as it tends to stress Sam out. I might put the table runner on if he’s having a good day, and the Christmas Crackers. Sam did manage to join in with Christmas Cracker pulling last year though – look!

our Christmas

It’ll be the same old cups, plates and cutlery though – No Christmas best here! Dessert is a non starter, as Hubby’s Diabetes means he can’t have any. Sam will only eat chocolate buttons and Syd will probably want to open a selection box.

The Rest Of The Day…

We tend to have our Christmas Dinner at around 1pm, so we aren’t hungry until later. The kids usually have a picnic tea, or leftover buffet food. Hubby and I will probably just pick at leftovers too. We will spend most of the day playing with the kids. Sam will have CBeebies on the TV all day, so I won’t get a chance to watch anything remotely festive until the kids are tucked up in bed.

In between speaking to friends and relatives on the phone, I’ll probably spend most of my day playing with the kids, walking the dogs and helping Sam to stay calm. He needs a lot of quiet time and loves big squishy hugs – Thankfully, I love both of those too. We’ll probably spend half an hour or so chilling out in his bedroom a couple of times throughout the day. As long as I have a cup of tea in my hand, I’m usually glad of the chance to relax too though!

our Christmas

As you can see, we tend to stay at home. Unfortunately, my parents are no longer with us to visit, and Hubby’s live 120+ miles away. We’ll be seeing most of my siblings the weekend before Christmas, and will probably gatecrash someone’s house on Boxing Day. That’s about it for our plans. Hopefully it’ll be a nice quiet few days for us and all of my readers!

What are your plans?

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3 thoughts on “Our Christmas Autism Routine

  1. This is fab. We try to eat Christmas dinner at tea time. I think it confuses most kids anyway. I can’t believe you don’t make yourself stuffing for Christmas. Just a little packet of Paxo. Promise you will for me? I have two words for you for Boxing Day and you will thank me-Stuffing Sandwiches. They are the absolute future!!!
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas and thanks for everything this year xx

  2. This was brilliant! I have never thought of things from the perspective of parents, I was taken into care when I was quite young because my Father couldn’t look after me because (in part) of my Autism. I have Aspergers Syndrome. I had some trouble over Chirstmas, as an adult with Aspergers Syndrome this year, not so much on Christmas day but on boxing day because of my ASD. It was quite bad to be honest! Thanks for sharing your Autism Journey! I am going to spend some time reading through the rest of your blog now 🙂 – Assuming you use WordPress, you’ll get my link when I submit this comment – feel free to go read my posts from the other view!

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