This month, I’m sharing festive guest posts from other bloggers. I’m hoping these posts will spread a little festive cheer, in the run up to Christmas. Today’s guest post was written by Maria from Let’s find out what creating Christmas involves for Maria…

Creating Christmas Wherever You Live

As Christmas rolls around, I’m seeing and hearing a lot about Christmas traditions both online and offline. Usually, seeing photos of Christmas trees going up and listening to people get into the festive spirit did bring out a bit of a “bah humbug!” attitude in me. Don’t worry though, I’m not going full Scrooge here!

I completely embrace this season and the goodwill it inspires in everyone. My resignation often came from the fact that like most twenty-something-year-olds, my fiancé and I were renters who often moved a lot – as is renting life. This meant we tried our best not to accumulate too much stuff so that our next inevitable move would be slightly lighter. Top of that cull list was Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. Although this was economical, it did mean we never truly felt the spirit of Christmas in our homes.

creating Christmas

This Christmas Will Be Different

This story does have a happy ending though. Last April, we bought our first home together in the picturesque county of Dorset – a mere ten-minute drive from the beach. All our dreams had come true. One of the highlights of homeowning for us was that Christmas would feel completely different. We were going to finally creating Christmas in our own home! This year, we were so excited, that we bought our tree in late September and had it up by the first week of November!

creating Christmas

We had so much fun picking out our baubles and other adornments. Dare we even say it – we felt like grown-ups (and further attestation to that fact is that we did resist opening our presents until Christmas Day!)

What Have We Gone For?

One of our favourite pieces of decoration for our tree was given to us by my fiancé’s mother – it was a house in a globe to represent our first home. It’s something we’ll always have with every tree as a reminder of our first year in our first home together. With that, we’d created one of our very first Christmas traditions without even realising it!

creating Christmas

If I could go back in time, I think I would loosen up about Christmas décor. Even when we were renting, I’d allow us to indulge a little and embrace creating Christmas memories together. I think you can create Christmas wherever you go. Whether it’s somewhere you’re simply passing through, or somewhere you plan to put roots down. Life is too short to be economical all of the time!

A Word From MotherGeek…

I love love love both of your trees. You’ve definitely gone all out when it comes to creating Christmas memories this year! I definitely agree that it’s hard to keep hold of things which are mostly packed away in the loft, when renting, though.

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Finally… (This is not a paid post -I’m just hoping to spread a little festive cheer).

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